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Hi folks - new Brissie rider here

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zyn, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. I just joined this forum. Looks like a pretty cool community. I put a deposit down on Saturday for my first bike, a CBR600f. Should be collecting it next Saturday. I am so looking forward to getting out on it. Did the Qride thing. That was excellent. I wish it had been that easy to get my car license.

  2. Welcome Zyn :D . Very friendly people here .
  3. Welcome to the forums Zyn :D
    You'll have a good laugh here and pick up some pretty good tips.
  4. some are :p but you figure that out pretty quick.... welcome to the boards 8)
  5. gday and welcome
  6. Welcome to the forums :)
  7. Houdy and welcome to the zoo

    Cheers 8)
  8. Welcome, zin
    Whoohoo, another Honda rider.......
    All forum members are not to be trusted except me!!!!
    The rest are to be treated with the utmost suspicion!
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone :)

    The Honda is due to lots of recommendations from many sources as the best beginner's sports bike. To be honest, I'm having a serious love affair on the side with an R6 I got conned into test riding. It's the beast and I absolutely loved it. Only problem is I can't affort one. I also got lots of recommendations NOT to get an R6 as a first bike. So it's probably just as well I can't afford one. :wink:
  10. Welcome, contribute, ask and tell!
  11. just consider yourself lucky that you can ride a 600cc as your first bike at all :D welcome to the forum
  12. 600's will one day rule the earth, we are irresistable.
  13. give in to the temptation! :twisted:
  14. hey dude,

    where abouts in brisbane do you live? how old are you?
  15. I live in West End and I'm 44 years young. :p
  16. Welcome to the insanity mate! I hope you enjoy the great weather that we have in brissy as much as i do!