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Hi! First Bike Advice?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by WheelsLegman, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone! First post on here.

    Im looking for ideas for a first bike. Im interested in a bike I can use to commute in the city but I also want the option to take it on the dirt on the weekends if I want to. I was thinking of something like the Kawasaki KLX 250sf but Im having trouble finding any (only found one in Melton,very far from myself) would a KLX 250S be okay too? Its really going to be ridden on the road 90% of the time as its not often I get to go away, its just when im on holidays from uni I would like to do some trail riding.

    Otherwise I would like to get a classic style or cafe racer kind of bike, something that looks like the Royal Enfield Bullet or Honda GB.

    Do you have any model suggestions?
    Do you have any good/bad stories about finance companies?

    Details about me:

    Only ridden a dirtbike a handful of times, getting bike license later in the month.

    Thanks, any advice appreciated
  2. have you looked at the dr650 it a nice bike
  3. are you hot? it helps us decide what type of bike.

    also generally your meant to post a quick hello introducing yourself in the welcome lounge section......but regardless hello and welcome to netrider - the klx is a great bike but havn't taken one offroad...i'm sure there will be other's that will promote the suzuki drz400 as a better option.
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  4. DR is a good suggestion from ratman.

    I would say KLR but it might be a bit tall / heavy for you, and not so sprightly off road.

  5. the klr's do seem like a out and out enduro bike...i've always been curious about them though - mr nirvana, have you ridden other bikes or is the klr your first? just wondering about what difference's you've noticed between riding it and whatever other bikes you've ridden.
  6. Yes, so my male friends are telling me to get something sporty but as I said I like the whole off road experience. Thanks for the welcome :)

    Do you think a DRZ would be a manageable weight? Id say I have slightly above average upper body strength for a girl but not heaps.

    KLR Nirvana: Yes Ive always though the KLR looks awesome but I think they may be a bit on the chunky side for me..
  7. i would think you would be fine with it but the problem with the drz is that it is to little for highway riding
  8. I have a klx400, same as a drz400 just green, my partner is about your size and I think it would be a little to big and heavy for her to pick up if dropped, would go more with a 250 and well a dr650 is even heavier...the klx250sf looks like a nice bike. Be better on road and on the freeway than a bike with motor cross tyres.
    Good luck with your search.
  9. dr650 is only about 175kgs
  10. dr650 = no go for you.

    Go get a nice DRZ400SM or stick with the 250cc class range as even the dr650 and the drz are way to heavy for an enjoyable off road experience although can be fun if you know what you are doing. FYI the DR650 weighs in at 167KG wet.

    WR250R = slow, but 6 gears nice for the highway, you wont be going 110km/h for a while anyway. L's your on 80 then 90 then 100 for like 4 years? so speed wont be an issue, its small enough to flick around in trails as well as on the road, you might want to motard it though because you will 90% of the time be riding on the road or get the WR250X and then do the reverse and buy dirt tyres.

    The KLX250SF is a nice little commuter as well, it only weighs in at 137KG wet and it has a shorter seat height.

    The DRZ400sm is heavier and is not fuel injected but at the same time is is recognised as one the most reliable motards.

    and people don't say you wont feel the extra 30 odd kg's on the dr650, because unless you have ridden one and then compared it to on of the above mentioned then please shut up.

    The DR650 is a nice bike but just really noticeable, it's a little sluggish off the line as well due to the weight but will be nice on the highway. If you can handle the weight, get the DR650. The seat height is also 885mm which might be a problem for you, you can have it lowered though.
  11. To little? weight? are you kidding me? the DRZ400SM is a perfect machine! besides the carby. If it was FI, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to her, its lighter and will handle better than the bigger and more bulkier DR650.
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm confused now because I went and looked at a black and chrome bullet c5 and I think its what I want..I don't know I still like the idea of a lighter bike with suspension travel..
  13. i talking about highway riding here not just around town stuff and on the road the dr650 handles a shitload better althought offroad it is the drz400 hands down
  14. I was interested in one of those Enfield Bullets too, but when I read more about them it seemed like if they're ridden at over 80 km/h for more than short burst they sieze up, or at least scuff the piston badly. I don't really understand why they don't get the clearances and metalurgy right if what I read is true. They are making the engines now, why not keep the basic design and appearance, but use proper engineering and metallurgy for the internals?
  15. Highway hands down. dr650 wins.

    Although off road it may still beat the "fun" factor the drz400 has it is less agile & heavier.

    I'm only saying the DRZ400 because of her weight :S I could be wrong though but a 65kg women wont handle the 167KG dr650 :( She might, prove me wrong but its just seems to much bike (weight wise) for her, other than that its a great bike.

    in this case go the dr650 oh hey, she wont be doing much off road riding anyway she said.
  16. my gf was 60kg and can handle my dad's dr650 and my gs500 witch is about 199kg dry so i think she should be fine with a dr650
  17. Where you looking at the 2012 efi.model? Ive read they can comfortably do 110 but at 140 they get a bit shaky. I heard the older ones where a bit antique
  18. I can't see someone take hold of a bike that's almost 3 times as heavy as the rider. But hey again everyone is different, good on her if she can do it though.
  19. she can but mind you the frist few times she got on it it was funny to watch and what about all the guys that ride crusiers a harley is like 500kg and some of the one i have seen riding them are like 50kgs
  20. It's confusing, when I saw the references to the pistons nipping up in the bore or worse, I thought it referred to the old iron barreled originals, but the dates on a table of incidents I found seemed recent. I'll see if I can find it (it is online somewhere) and post a link here for you.