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hi finally have my first bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by devo, May 3, 2005.

  1. Just saying woohooo, and thanks to you guys/girls for your advice on bikes and stuff. Since the weekend im now a proud owner of a bandit. Just found out my job isnt ready today (so i got a day off) so if anyone wants a ride let me know ill be off in an hour or so....dont know where.

  2. congrats! Hope you have years of fun :)
  3. devo, melbournes a big area, update your profile with the Suburb, Bike etc. then we might be able to see if a ride is possible, no point if you are on the other side of town as each other.

    Congrats on the new bike, enjoy
  4. good stuff 8) the bandit is the pick of the pack with the 250s i reckon. what year model is it? and what colour?

    have fun on it eh, riding is a blast, especially on such a superior machine 8)
  5. Good one, Bandits aint that bad a bike.

    Enjoy, and stay safe

  6. Congrats on the new bike, hope to see you on a ride sometime.
  7. soz vtr steve just missed your post.
    coconuts - 95 yellow so its got that cool vvt engine :) .....

    Went to mnt macedon and daylesford pretty cool untill someone went by and pressed my kill switch to off when i got a coffee (i only use the key). I came back and it took my half an hour to work out what the problem was.....it wasnt a fuse.....or loose electrical cable..... or a flat battery....lol i wont fall for that ever again, way too embarrassing.

    ive done 850 odd k's since i got it on the weekend, so yeah im pretty happy with it. All you guys on big bikes how in the hell Dont you loose your license?. its wayyyyyy to easy to speed even on this 250.

    Oh yeah a gripe on the weekend was this copper just hassling me cos im on L's or do you guys generaly not do this? i parked my bike in bourke street mall and the boys in blue gave me a warning saying i cant park there or on the swanson street walk, next time a hundred dollar fine.....

  8. i did :cry: almost 10 months ago now, only 2 to go :? take it easy eh, losing your licence gives you about the same level of enjoyment as slowly peeling your toenails off with a pair of pliers :shock:

    and congrats on the bandit, i had the same year in red :D pity about the yellow there tho..... how much did you get it for, what condition is it in and how much reg is on it? curious to see what they're worth these days....
  9. coconuts- 3500 all up transfered in my name on road and reg till next year. Problably a bit steep but its in great condition and very tidy. One problem though, it passed a RWC (that the guy i bought it off paid for)but it had a huge crack on the rear brake light, i thought you couldnt get a RW with a crack on the lights.
  10. coulda been cracked after he got the roady, or the guy might not have been overly picky, or maybe a crack isn't a roadworthy item?

    $3500 sounds fine to me tho, i bought mine for $3750 and sold it for the same after putting 8000 ks on it....
  11. nah it was already there, just thought it would have been fixed. on my old car a cracked indicator needed replacing, oh well, ill live. cool looks like i wont loose too much money then if i sell it..