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Hi Everyone!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by K!rkinpuzel, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Hey folks,

    Since the weather turned sour in Sydney last week I've been getting my kicks reading your posts here on NetRider. You guys rock :grin:

    In brief: I'm a 20 y/o uni student and I've been riding for a little under 2 years now. It's kind of frustrating having to ride alone or with the same bunch of people all the time, so I decided to join this here forum, cause I figured I'd definitely find like-minded people here and maybe (just maybe) I'd be able to join you on one of your group rides :roll:

    If you happen to be in Sydney and you see a guy on an old banged-up ZX9R, please nod. Cause that's definitely me :)
  2. All ZX9R's are old and banged up. I always thought that was a selling point for Kawasaki :rofl:

    Welcome to NR :cool:
  3. Nines, RAAAWWWK!!!!!

    Welcome K'puzel. Where the hell did you get a knick like that?!?!?! :?
  4. Thanks Gixxa Freddy :grin:

    When I bought my bike it had smashed fairing... And then I smashed it some more. So technically now it's twice as old and banged up :LOL:

    By the way, when I was choosing my last bike, I finally got to have a fang on the baddest '01 GSXR1000. It was quite an experience after my RS125 (I'd never ridden anything bigger than 250 cc's). Man that thing was really trying to kill me :) Plus it didn't have a rear brake for some reason, which made for some pretty interesting riding. Either way I loved it. Too bad I just didn't have enough $$$

    robsalvv, I got it in the 3rd grade back when I lived in Moscow. Trust me - you wouldn't wanna know what my real name is :LOL:
  5. Welcome to Netrider what's-is-name :LOL:.
  6. Thanks hornet600 :LOL:
  7. Potts Point. That's, like, Kings Cross for those people who don't want to admit it, isn't it??? :LOL:.
  8. Indeed :) There is a part of Potts Point that's more or less civilised (it's quite nice actually), but I happen to live in that other part, unfortunately.
    There are perks to it though. When my bike's not around I just walk to work/uni. Beats using public transport any day if you ask me :p
  9. Welcome & very unusual name but what the heck we are an unusual lot, so you will fit right in :LOL:

    There's usually always a ride going on somewhere just check the nsw events or ride planner. Everyone's welcome on all the rides.

    See ya round.
  10. well then all i say is hello and welcome
  11. Thanks guys! :grin:
  12. hi and welcome