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hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bubbly, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. im new well sort of :LOL: hubby is a member so i thought i would join so i can see why he is always laughing

  2. i should say he is a member here and its hard to talk about site unless u know what its about........oh well lol
  3. Welcome!

    Another bobby in the ranks?



  4. ok call me blonde but whats a bobby? :grin:
  5. A badge, boyscout, copper, fuzz, heat, law, etc. etc.
  6. ummm nope

    im just da wife of a member and he is always going on about the forum and so on and its hard to chat about it unless i know what he is on about so i thought i would try to share his interest seeing he rides bikes( i used to years ago but its a no no now since spinal injuries)
  7. Haha yes sorry I misread your first post, thought you were saying you were 'hubbie's wife, a member of the forum :)

    Sorry about that! Shame you can't ride anymore, what did you used to ride? Ever think about getting back into it? :grin:
  8. only trail bikes wasnt a real road bike fan
    nothing too big as im only a frail little thing

    was raised on a farm and natural mum( i was adopted) used to chase me round the paddock cause i used to jump barb wire fences without a helmet just lucky i never got really hurt
  9. now trying to use this brain which really doesnt like working i think it was a quaker 250.....i was 13 when i first started riding

    and injuries i got was from a car accident car flipped 3 times and rolled 10 times but injuries didnt really show to little in life.....when i had the crash (i wasnt driving) i was taken to hospital and they never took xrays or anything

    now found missing part of bone around spinal colon and docs recon one good whack and im in a wheel chair......no way im getting fusions and rods put in cause they aint worth the pain ...if that all makes sense
  10. Gotta watch out for the Spinal Colon - one god whack and you are really in the poo!! :p

    Welcome to NR Bubbly. Always good to have another bike enthusiast around.

    Even if you can't ride you are welcome. Come a long to the coffee nights - always a bit of a fun.


  11. thanx WGM
    i will be going to the NYE thingo tonight as my husband arranged it yesterday.....im trying so hard not to say who he is just so he can be himself lol

    but most will know after tonight i guess

    would of gone with him to one of the meets at fasta pasta but he didnt ask if i wanted to go and he really just wanted to get out on his bike(like a kid with a new toy ) so i let him go
    but i will get to what i can with him when he wants me to and as long as its a good day not bad one as back plays up some days and makes me look like i need a walking frame lol

    it will be good to put faces to the nicks though tonight and worst bit will be trying to remember em lol
  12. Great to see you taking an interest in what hubby is doing so you can join in the fun.

    Sorry to hear you aren't riding anymore but like WGM says get along to a coffee night.

    Enjoy yourselves tonight & have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
  13. ty Kim and happy new year to you to

    just hope it does cool off a little tonight its already 37.7 here
  14. #14 _joel_, Dec 31, 2007
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    absolutely smashing avatar.
    welcome to NR :)

    Hey I'm still working on your case..

    I'll get there. As you make more posts, I'll slowly work it out [​IMG]

    Just takes that lil bit longer when dodgy info is being posted.. [​IMG]

    hahaha i saw this in the other welcome topic and posted a reply there and i aint reposting it here im tooo slack :LOL:


    :LOL: Removed it before you posted..

    Realised after I posted it wasent your thread [​IMG]

    oh and dodgy info?????? i dont think so dude

    i just dont put to much info up

    Not just yet [​IMG]


    and how is the bike?? u riding now? :wink:

    Bike is doing OK.. still got work to do on it so I'll be getting a call to
    bring her back in.

    I started riding again of 8.30 this morning after 1/2 a year break from
    the roads


    ok so now i stay away from princess highway side of town huh :LOL:

    should be safe then i think

    You know me too well [​IMG]


    Just don't be tellin any of my secrets [​IMG]



    Oh OK.. no problemo woman [​IMG]

    dont worry i wont tell all ya secrets

    i really dont wanna smell what ya ate! :roll: :LOL:

    Well I've certainly told everyone YOUR LITTLE SECRET!! [​IMG]

    i reckon ur the only one who didnt know

    phil asked when do u actually gotta stop riding ? or u got a few left in ya

    Considering today was the first time I'd read any of your posts
    in a week, it didn't take me that long to work you out [​IMG]

    Tell Phil this:

    "The idiot stops riding as of this Friday when he drives up to Sydney.
    He'll then have 2 weeks of riding when he's back early next month until
    the 13th of February when he'll be suspended again until 14/05/2008."

    Hey I weighed myself today & realised that after 6mths of hard slog on
    the pushie got my weight down by 500 grams to 101.0kg


    So I should see another 250 grams coming off the guts when I'm back
    in mid May [​IMG]

    just think how much more ya will lose with it being summer :grin:

    and u gonna come to go karting or what? we can arrange to pick ya up if needed

    Oh well :p

    F*ck the summer, I'll be back for Autumn/Winter :LOL:

    $75 for max 40 laps? :shock:

    Thanks for the offer anyway :)

    yeah it is what they call cooperate race

    usually just for one ride which lasts 20 minutes cost $50.00

    so we reckon heaps better this way and 1st 2nd and 3rd get a trophy to remember the day/night lol
  15. well i am female with just below the shoulder hair so it sort of suits me,i just aint blue :p
  16. :shock:
    hubby might me watching :bolt:
    :p :p

  17. na he is at work the poor bugger and then we going to the nye do in mulgrave tonight...pooor bugger is the driver so only drinking 3 cans but i bet he would like a few more but he can drink more when we get back home seeing we picked up a slab of Jimmy
  18. rofl
    ur as bad as me!

    now tell me is my pm's getting ya? or am i being tooo blonde :p