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hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by auswr, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. quick hello have been riding trail bikes last few years
    want to get back on a road bike and found this great site

  2. Welcome from another noob :grin:
    What bike you planning to get? I've just got on the road with a Yamaha Fz6n... and it's been AWESOME!
  3. I'm a newby 2. Welcome aboard.
  4. thanks guys looking at either a vfr or a sprint
  5. I am upgrading to a VFR. Already ridden it a couple of times. Big step up from my 250, but totally awesome!!!!!! :grin:
  6. Welcome aboard... :grin:

    From a 250 to a VFR.. soft.. :LOL: :p I upgraded from a 250 to a ZX12R.. :shock:
  7. better to be soft and know your limits

    I have learned not to be pushed about by hardened bikers, I know my limits and hope not to be in a position to be pushed past my them!

    Good on you for finding what you like in a bike, I think I found my next bike today, I will see what happens but I'm gunna check out the SV650 as a highly possible step up from my VTR250 in the future.

    I guess its high pressure for the blokes who ride....its gotta be high end cc or nothing, I think thats garbage you should ride what you safe on...but I'm a girl so what would I know.....lol :grin:
  8. Hello there and welcome auswr :grin:
  9. Re: better to be soft and know your limits

    I was only having a joke.. :roll: I agree with ride what your comfortable on.. :)
  10. Welcome to the world of road riding. It's a lot of fun. :grin:
  11. Soft! My FIRST bike is my 900 :p lol but i've been a bush kid driving/riding since i was a little kid tho lol..... Definately only go with what you're comfy on... Otherwise it's a recipe for disaster.. Have fun

    Oh by the way, Welcome, from one noob to another