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Hi everyone!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fran, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Hi my name is Fran and i ride a 2004 Virago with mad sports pipes!, i have just got my learners so if u see me scooting around Hoppers pls go easy on me :grin:
    My very very close friend Bren (Breno) introduced me to this site and it seems brilliant! My big dream is to go riding with him and meet other members.
    bye for now :grin:

  2. Welcome Fran - they sound okay with better pipes on 'em don't they! I'm trying to convince my GF to get her licence - we are getting a bigger shed built in 6 weeks so that's one of the hurdles (space) taken care of.

    Hi Fran :grin:
    Welcome from another nubie
  4. Welcome Fran. Hopefully we'll see you on a ride soon! ;)
  5. Thanks i hope so too :grin:
  6. Welcome Fran :grin:
  7. Welcome Fran to the forum... I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Oh and try the veal...
  8. welcome, i dig chicks on bikes :LOL:
  9. Hey ho, cookie, have fun here and on the road, take it easy............
  10. welcome aboard Francho :D
  11. Hi Fran, how you doin?

    Welcome and enjoy the bike and netrider.
  12. Hi Fran

    welcome to one of the more interesting forums around. Strange sometimes, argumentative sometimes, full of total crap sometimes, but always interesting :LOL:

  13. The forum or the people? :p :LOL:

    Welcome, Fran. Nice to see more and more ladies owning up to having a bike. :grin:
  14. Welcome to netrider fran :)
    Nice to see friends telling friends about this place
  15. Welcome to Netrider Fran... great place to hang out !
  16. Yes and so so addictive!!! this is the very first forum i have been on. Beats ebay lols
  17. Fran, welcome to the crazy house.

    Get yourself down to a Netriders coffee - check the event forums for the locations!

    Melbourne Wessiders meet Monday nights in Willy... come on down! :) Say hello! :)
  18. Love to rob like u would never know and i will soon i hope... i just havent been on the freeway yet, to chicken i guess :oops: . Been riding around Hoppers and the bloody P platers should be shot!! they see a chick on a bike and they are yahoooing all over the place. Thats how i lost my confidence the first time because one tried to knock me off. I really need to get my self a buddy to ride with, some big dude that will slice all the buggers up. :LOL:
  19. hey welcome to the jungle fran... the lanos's the truckies Oh my!!! :LOL:

    yes this place is addictive!!!
  20. Hi Fran, yep sure beats ebay :LOL: welcome to Netrider! :)