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Hi everyone :-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Soarer, May 25, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I'm Lee, just thought I'd introduce myself finally as I've been reading this forum for the past few months (terrific work btw guys, keep it up!). I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions :D

    I'm booked in for my L's mid next month and am very excited, hopefully shortly after I'll be purchasing a CBR 250(R or RR). I used to have bikes when I was a little tacker, but haven't ever riden on the black stuff yet.

    The past few days I've made numerous trips to bike shops, and have been quizing the sales people in relation to what gear I should be buying.
    Most have been telling me to buy Cordura style jackets/pants, but I've decided against this after reading most peoples opinions on here, mainly due to the fact that it seems leather is going to make me feel safer. So I am getting myself an AGV Sports leather jacket, and most probably will get a set of leather pants to go with this. I'm then going to grab a one piece waterproof suit to keep handy if I ever get stuck in nasty weather.

    Helmets and gloves are still being decided, the helmets in particular are so varied in range and price that I'm not 100% sure what I want -- although im looking to try to spend sub $400. Can anyone tell me if there's any distinguishable differences or problems between AGV, Nitro and Shark helmets (all fibre)? I realise that the fit is the most important factor, but if anyone can share any experiences with me that'd be great.

    For boots, I'm going to try a set of my zippered steel capped and heeled firefighter boots. Think they'll be OK? :?

    Thanks in advance for any input guys, I have already learnt so much just trawling through here. A side not, is anyone from Newcastle??

    Cheers, Lee
  2. welcome Soarer, buy the best gear you can afford. I am sorry I cannot help you with your choice of helmets.
    For the boots a set of dedicated m/cycle boots work better due to the armour you can get in some of them. As to actually using your boots, as long as you can change gears properly and use the brake safely I cannot see why you could not use them. My preference would be for a set of proper boots though and it is only my opinion nothing more.
  3. g'day buddy. i did the first day of my L's course today and it was bloody awsome. youll love it

    im also buying a cbr250 RR (i have been told by a few people to not toch the single R's) but i want a double R anyway.

    as with gear i got $1700 (paid $1500) worth of gear.. helmet(shoei) jacket gloves (both dririder) draggin jeans and knee pads and alpinestar boots.. i highly recomend the boots as i think your fireman boots wil be to bulky to be able to feel the gears and brake proerally (but obviously your choice) for $300 you can get some awsome boots.

    i go upto newcastle a bit (my mate lives about 30 min out from there) so when we are both compitent we should meet up and go RR cruising hehe..
  4. welcome to the forum. i read somewhere that steel capped boots are a big no no when one is riding. say you get into a spill, the chance of the steel cap toe part of the boot bending back up into your foot and severing it is an increased probability. saying that though, i've seen dopes wearing thongs! anyhoo, it's the choice of the rider.
  5. Thanks guys, :D

    I'll defintely consider some boots now I think... I wish to retain my feet for some time yet ;-) I hadn't budgeted for it but that's what the credit card is for I guess :p
    The only thing I've ever broken in my body was a toe, and that was when it had a run in with a rather thick stump when riding my 80cc at about age 8 :p Ouchies....

    Here is a picture of the boots anyway, but without the zippers fitted. Can anyone confirm the steel capped no no rule? I will have to scam some others if this is correct until I get proper boots :wink:

    Edit... Note to self - use preview button first... :p [/i]
  6. Many instructors advise against stell cap boot for riding. Something about crushed toes.

    Oh and they also advise against laces as these tend to get caught in the gear/brake levers and you could lose your balance if you get a foot caught up.
  7. I recomend you coveryourself up good and proper, with decent knee protection. Two reasons:

    1. Hospital Sucks
    2. And two many old time riders say that their knees still hurt on cold mornings.
  8. Are leather pants with ce foam padding enough for this do you think? Or look for some sort of hard armour?

    Sorry for the 20 questions.... ;-)
  9. Yup don't wear lace ups when riding like i once did. They got stuck in the gear lever while in heavy highway traffic but somehow I managed to get it free. It was enough of a scare though for me to buy proper m/c boots the very next day and they are heaps better!
  10. SOBIL is right, if riding (not necessarily the daily commute), neepads are a must, its propably the most common 'minor' (loosely used) injury to bikers. When mate on SV650 and i came off we both gashed knees down the the bone and not much else other than bruises and hurt ego. Then as you have propably read many others here mention hurting theyre knees, etc...
    My 2 cents

    As for steelcaps, ill let you know when i sever a toe, as workboots are the only shoes i own.
  11. I got the agv leather gear too and they are cheaper than other gear and look good but the stitching on the jacket came out in a few places and I had to bring it back 3 times in the first 3 months of having the jacket but now it's fine still after 3 years. So i recommend them as a cheaper jacket but i think you should check to make sure the stitching looks all intact.

    As for the soft armour, yeah i reckon it's 100% better compared to a jacket or pants with no armour but dunno about how it compares to hard armour.
  12. My typical "daily commute" to work will be a 12km ride to work, mostly at 80-100km/h zones at around 6am. Not highway grade road either, and also the occasional roo that likes to step out in front of cars... I pray that one doesn't try that on me, I can imagine the consequences... hence why I'm trying to get as much of the good stuff as I can.

    I did happen to see a jacket with inflatable emergency airbags however... I can imagine myself walking around the shops to get some bread, and having that thing decide it wanted to go off. :p Quick, someone get a pin!!!
  13. I know that feeling.
  14. How many have you got left mate? ;-)

    But seriously, I know heaps of guys (especially firies whom I work with) that wear steel caps to work on their bikes ... might have to ask them if they know they're not too friendly in a spill.
  15. When sliding along the road, knees last for around 0.00003 of a second before they are stripped of skin.
    My left knee was back to bone in two spots, it healed slowly but it doesnt give me any grief.
    Wish I could say the same about my left elbow. I put it through a glass window and tore it open. Had to stich it back together. It bloody hurts going past the freezer section of a supermarket.
  16. Go with proper motorcycle boots rather than any other kind. Mine have reinforced toes, heels, ankles and shins. I got mine for a reasonable price reduced from $220 to $100.
  17. Newcastle? Yip, me. Screamin' E is also on the forum and he's from Thornton.

    Would be good to meet up when you're riding - if you need any advice with gear/bike, pm me. I'm in Newcastle most days.
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome and advice everyone, I really appreciate it :)

    I'll definitely organise to catch up with all the locals too, I'm sure I'll have plenty of more questions by then about riding and will definitely be looking for riding partners.

    Not that I believed that I was going to see a crash test of that jacket at albinoblacksheep. com ;-), but I suggest you might want to take a look at that link Sandman, coz it's probably right and I am an idiot, but my virus detector seems not to be and detects a virus (trojan horse in particular) everytime I click on that link ;-) Be warned!

    What's the OFARC bit you guys have in your signatures? :)
  19. Iffracem and I started the Old Farts Across Riders Club (OFARC) in celebration of the various er...mature riders of Suzuki's splendid Across.

    Since then we've relaxed the membership criteria to include old farts who ride pretty much anything. :)

    Check this out for the whole story!

  20. Ah, thanks Gromit! I still have all my own hair so I guess im a good 15 yrs or so (I hope!) off asking for my membership number ;-)

    And Vic, that comment wasn't aimed at you either.... I've only been here 5 mins so I don't want to insult any of the mods just yet :p