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Hi Everyone

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kyzmos, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Hi there,
    Ive been a member of Netrider for a while, but thought id finally say Hi again :)
    Im hoping to meet a few of you at an upcoming coffee night, before i go away on a NZ bike tour soon.
    Catch ya soon :wink:

    03 CBR6 & 04 Guzzi Breva

  2. Hey Sasha!

    Good to see you finally posted on the forum, slaaaaacker!! It's only been 2 years...hehe :wink: :p :D
  3. Heya,
    Congrats on posting LOL :LOL: ... I hope you have fun in NZ...

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. Welcome Sasha - how many sleeps to NZ??? :D :D
  5. Hello to the forum. Are you going on a guided tour or finding your own way around? Having lived there for 22 years I can recommend some really good Nth Island roads if you're intersted :D

  6. Any more of those great ideas and you'll be flying outside-wing-seat to Kazakstan for the Euro-ride....BUSTER :p :p :p

    Of course has coffee been cancelled for the NZ mob....we're onto Steinlager now.
    :D :D
  7. Oops....Hi, Sash :D :D
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Sasha
  9. Not many Sleeps now :) 17 and counting......

    Thanks to everyone who replied, im trying to get the hang of this :)

  10. Didn't you just hear on the news !?! It's sank and disappeared into the ocean after a massive earthquake that was caused by the flooding of a large faultline. Millions dead.......
  11. Say Glitch, are you the same glitch with the homepage full of rides around melbourne? Cause I followed one of the routes from that homepage up and around kinglake last weekend and had a bloody ball.

    Not that kind of bloody ball, my seat's perfectly comfortable thank you very much. Jeez some people have filthy minds.
  12. Just the sheep....and after it re-emerged, all the raods were CLEAN :D :D
  13. Ready for us to lay down our rubber .... :)

    How's the leg Jason?
  14. Sometimes the 2 glitches are one...then it's called a f%&ckup :D :D
    To answer the question...yes.

    That's what the pages are there for :)
    If you do the rides back/back, better quit the job now, you'll be on the road for a few months, hehe.
    Oooone day.... I'll get around to working on this again, there's about another dozen rides or more waiting. Some longer ones too...week or two's worth.

    Yeeahh? :D
  15. Well here's a tip of the hat to you sir, I'll definately be heading out on more of your rides with crumpled PDF printouts in my pocket.

  16. sir?? ""BEAM"" :oops: :oops:

    ...and shuffles off to stare into the empty garage again.... :cry: :cry:

    See ya on the road someday :)
  17. Awhhhh, poor Pete. Maybe you should make one of these as your garage tinkering for the next few weeks :)

  18. ...just because you need one of those?
  19. Da Gimp-mobile :LOL: