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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phronesis, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Just getting back into motorcycling after a few years absence. Been boating to see if it could be better than riding a bike. It isn't, especially down here in Tasi where the water is freezing, the mountains are many and there are few straight roads. Bought a 2011 VFR 800 and looking forward to some touring and blasting around on weekends.

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  2. Welcome mate. I haven't been to tassie since I was a kid, apparently the roads down there are built for bikes... Welcome back :)
  3. Welcome to the asylum!
  4. Hello and welcome, I love the sound of those VFRs.
  5. Welcome mate :cool:

    VFR = WIN!
  6. Hi and welcome. Nice bike, which no doubt sounds great and an awesome colour too(y)

    We're heading to Tassie next feb, so if you'd like to catch up with us for lunch/dinner/drinks or even join in on a part of the ride, you're most welcome. It'd be great to meet you:)
  7. Welcome to NR
  8. I'm on hols here as we speak. What's with the lack of speed signs? Blink and you miss it.
  9. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  10. gday PhronesisPhronesis and welcome to NR - nice choice of rides!