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Hi Everyone !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Denise VR, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Hi, nice to e-meet you !

    I'm a french 23 years old bike lover - I have a 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet.
    I'm actually living in India where Royal Enfield are very appreciated !
    I've had mine since 6 months now. It's my first bike.

    I have no idea how to do this forum thing but I thought it was a great way to get to know people with more experience and have a chat about what we do.
    I use my Royal Enfield to travel around India, it's a great playfield to do so.

    I'm looking forward in meeting you all !

    Cheers from New Delhi
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  2. Welcome Denise VRDenise VR , Netrider is a wealth of information and at times laughter :)
  3. Helloooo and welcome :)
  4. Welcome :) when you've got a minute tell us some India stories. I am yet to travel there and I want to hear everything!
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    Welcome Denise VRDenise VR , a wealth of information here, luv some pics of your travels
  6. Welcome to NR, Denise.

    There's an Indian equivalent of Netrider called xBhp so maybe join up there as well. They have bike meets as well and being based out of New Delhi, it might work out for you.

    And wow, you are brave. Riding in Indian cities is not for the faint hearted.

    All the best and keep us posted with bike trips, pics etc.
  7. Welcome...

    Riding is India is rarely fun - unless you're up early morning and not in the city or on any major highways.
    I've ridden a fair bit - both north & south - just watch out for everyone else on the road - including stray dogs, cows, bullock carts, vegetable vendors - just anyone !

    Not sure if you've gone on the highway yet - avoid if possible as the trucks just don't care if you're coming the opposite way - especially at night.
  8. gday Denise VRDenise VR and welcome to NR - an interesting combination - a French national riding an English m/cycle living in India posting on an Australian riders forum - excellent! please share some riding pics and stories. do Indian riders nod to each other or is it the head wobble? what about coffee (I'm guessing it's tea)?
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  9. Welcome to the forum.

    Enjoy the ride
  10. Welcome to our playground!
  11. I know for a fact that there is no nodding involved - only a hard stare and that is to assess if they'll get there before you or have to push you out to make sure they reach first ! There are a few subtle rules (pun intended) to follow while driving/riding in India - but the main rule is that no one else follows/knows the the rule - so watch where you're going and where everyone else's going....

    Also, it's tea or 'cutting chai' - which basically is a half cup of tea almost like a shot :)
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  12. I am not that brave to ride in Delhi.
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  13. Hey guys,
    Thanks for your replies ! It's great to be part of such a community ! Didn't expect my life in India to generate so many interests o_O

    I just tried to share some pics but it appears that I need to do 3 posts here before being able to add links ! I will be able to show you a bit of my world very soon :)
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  14. I discovered the head wobble here which pretty much means everything and nothing : yes, no, maybe... A great local specialty :D
    Tea or "chai" is delicious but coffee is almost always instant... I miss my nespresso machine ;)
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  15. yes the wobble is a curious thing!
  16. Welcome
    To the forum down under Denise VRDenise VR !

    Do take care and your traffic will make Sydney's or melbourne's like a piece of cake!!

    Pictures or it didn't happen!! :)
  17. Welcome, are you traveling through or working in India?
  18. Welcome Denise VRDenise VR , yes motoring of any sort looks to be a nightmare in India!

    I watched a video about back street motorcycle shops in India specialising in the Royal
    Enfields, those guys worship them.