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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Saffe, May 5, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    New to the forums, I was having a look at this site back when deciding what bike to go for and just general tips.
    Also had a few laughs at the embarrassing moments thread.

    I Ended up getting a Kawasaki Verseys 650 LAM ABS with 17000 on the clock which I have been very very happy with. I test drove my best mates one back in Sweden last year and not regretted it for one moment.

    The reason for my post is that last Monday I was in a accident down in Port Melbourne.
    I was driving in a straight line down pickles st with no traffic infront of me(2 lanes each way)
    A "soccer mom" in her 4 wheel was sitting still in the opposite lane while i was 300m out, all of a sudden she decided that when I was 50 meters out she was going to go, I assume she was either on the phone or talking to the kids in the back, took a quick glance and went for it. I ended up not having much time to react so smashed right into the side of her.

    Lucky for me I have pretty good reflexes and was not speeding, a busted knee that Im getting MRI on this week and fractured scaphoid which is not even bothering be but no serious damage so im not going to complain.

    The police was at the scene and she got fined for reckless driving or something like that.
    She was fully insured with RACV and has been very good about it all so far.

    I had the bike taken up to peter stevens in the city and RACV will send an assessor up there on Thursday
    The quote for the repairs from Peter stevens is $5011 incl GST.

    I bought the bike second hand for $7400 from WA so with full rego around 8300 in total

    I am not sure if they will write it of or decide to repair it.
    If they write it off i curious to what they will offer me, I read some other posts that they will most likely try to get away with as little as possible if its a write off.
    From my point of view I just want a replacement for what I had.

    If they repair it it will obviously affect the on sale value?
    Is that just bad luck on my part or is there anything I can do about this as well?

    Any tips would be much appreciated
  2. First of all, Christian, welcome to Netrider
    Secondly, sorry that it's under such circumstances
    If you have the bike insured for agreed value, then that's what you should get, with one disclaimer. If you are insuring 'pay-by-the-month', they will deduct whatever installments they would have received up to the expiry of the present policy.
    If you are insured for market value, that will be a different story....
  3. It all depends on your policy. Some companies have market value or u have a set agreed value with others. Check your policy to find out. I always get agreed value on all my cars and bikes and insure them for as much as I can. My current 03 gsxr1000 I brought for $3500 and insured it for $8000
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the answers,

    I am going through her insurance company as she was at fault,
    she they will be either paying me out or pay for the repairs, not my insurance company?
    And as I go through them it would not be a agreed value would it?

    Maybe worth mentioning,
    My insurance is only third party as I wanted fire/theft as soon as I got the bike and did not have time to do much resherch with a new job and everything basically, been a bit lazy sorting out full comp.
  5. If your insurance is third party then they will play no part in it. The car drivers insurance will probably pay market value. Probably between $4k and $6k, they will write it off based on the damage bill.

    If you have any extra bling on the bike, panniers, luggage rack, etc you should state that as well as an increase to the value of the bike. If you have damaged riding gear, particularly if the helmet struck the vehicle or the ground you should claim for replacement of the helmet and repair or replacement of the gear.
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  6. sorry to hear about your accident, as for the insurance as cjvfrcjvfr said the drivers insurance will do it all & probably at the cheapest cost to them
  7. Either go into a bike shop or get online quotes to replace all your gear if u went down. If you do abit of fudging ;-) u could easy make some extra $ here
  8. If you've only recently bought the bike and all the bike gear, line up all the receipts, including rego. Although, only include stuff that was actually damaged in the accident.

    Add up the costs and see whether that's close to your agreed value.

    And with regards to the other insurer, you should get a say in whether you get the bike repaired or a pay out. Because if they tell you they're only going to repair it, then you can argue that it's a matter of safety and not cost cutting. Especially if the frame has been compromised. And if they get stubborn, mention ombudsman and that should kick them to their senses.

    Good luck.
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