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Hi Everyone,

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cher, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. I am new to riding have always wanted to but life gets in the way. Now a middle aged female it gets to be my turn. Everyone tells me its a mid life crisis but its only now I have the time and money ( and if it is ....who cares?) I have been reading the advice and forums for a bit but thought I would keep quiet and acquire some knowledge first. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to explain techniques (such as cornering) in simple terms. I need all the help I can get.

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  2. Thanks Womble for your reply. I am in Yarra Ranges and have seen NR a few times. Have thought about a mentor/tutor but just not sure ( they would need a lot of patience). I am happy to sit on speed limit up to about 80km after that I am a bit nervy.
  3. Most mentoring takes place at much lower speeds and focuses on low speed bike control and basic positioning of you and your bike.
  4. That sounds perferct, I will have to work up courage to ask about it.
  5. Hi Cher,
    Whereabouts are you based ?
  6. Welcome to NR..

    No such thing as mid-life crisis. ;)

    Have you got your licence sorted out? Or a bike.
  7. Hi, I am in Mt. Evelyn.

  8. Thats what I keep telling everyone.

    I got my full licence in September and have a Virago 250. I have seen in some threads that NR's are not too impressed with this bike as its weak but I thought it was good to start off with. I will update as I improve.
  9. welcome aboard :] nothing wrong with the mighty 250 virago enjoy it learn on it trade it when your ready :]
  10. Thanks, for the encouragement.
  11. :) no problems I've had my 250 cruiser for 3years. Change when you're ready :D
  12. Hey, what's wrong with a mid life crisis, I have had a few and loved all of them, in fact I am proud of them!!!!!
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  13. Mid life crisis, or "finally - I can think of me for a change, time?" We're all 21 once the black visor comes down.
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  14. I started on a virago too, my partners. Went up to the 650 pretty quickly though.
    It's all good, do whatever feels comfortable.
    Look forward to seeing you out there.
  15. Well heres hoping its the first of more to come!!
  16. Hey, I am happy either way. As you said once the visor is down... but you should see the looks I get when I stop and lift it back up.
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  17. I would like a Triumph one day. Dont think I would ever go to 650 I think its just too big for me, sat on a 650 Street Triple R and couldn't reach the ground. The same went for a Bonneville.
    Look forward to getting to know others.
  18. From another shorty, welcome to NR CherCher
  19. Thank you.