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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by afour, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. long time lurker. been riding motorcycles since i was young, mostly racing motocross and hare scrambles. got my learners so i can head up to the hills and do a bit of trail riding but now im looking to get into the road stuff as well. my learner period just expired and im about to book in my to get my full license soon enough. after that ill pick up a lams bike, probably a ninja 250/300. look forward to contributing on here a bit more rather than just lurking around :)

  2. Welcome to nutrider! If you've been lurking for a while, you'll probably know the initiation question, so... The answer is???
  3. nup not sure on the question, haven't been lurking in the welcome lounge!
  4. G'day, if your learners has expired don't you have to go and do it again ? Maybe its different in Melbourne.
    Lurking in the welcome lounge can be very entertaining at times…...
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  5. correct. you have 15 months on your learners to get your full license, if you don't then you have to redo the Ls'. you also have a minimum 3 months on the learners before you can go for your full license, which is what i was referring to when i said the learner period had expired :)
  6. welcome mate:]
  7. I'll ask.. Are u hot?
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  8. Just realised... Nobody asked you the initiation question, @Turrawan@Turrawan! We can't have you feeling left out! Are you hot? :D
  9. Slow reply as I've been off line for a while. Firstly I was mixing up my x's with the arrows. And no I am absolutely NOT. Short, overweight, old fart thats me.
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