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Hi Everyone,

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Newbie Baz, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. New here, and fairly new to riding.

    Used to ride one a mates 125cc and 250cc dirt bikes when I was a kid, then rode some 50cc scooters as a teen. Only three and a halve years ago, I purchased a 150cc moped as cheap transport. Upgraded that to a 250cc Virago as a way to get the other half interested and learn how to shift etc. Soon upgraded that to a CB400. Did a lot of research before buying that and loved it. Great bike and lots of fun. Not to much but enough to enjoy. Thanks to this website I found the bits and pieces and help needed to modify it to my liking. However the desire to own a big bike got the beter of me and I did. I have been riding a CBR1000RR for close to two years now and I love it. Still miss the CB400.

    Got some clip-ons, exhaust etc for it, it looked and sounded great. I removed most mods and returned the bike to almost stock before selling it. As I have these parts lying around, I thought people on here might have a use for them. Hence I have jumped back onto this site. All parts are in good condition and will post pics when I can.

  2. You may want to reconsider that username in a few years. :). Welcome. An intro and a For Sale post. Well done. ;)
  3. Welcome, Baz.

    If you wish to advertise stuff for sale you will need to become a PAID member of Netrider which is a once-off $10 fee. Then you can sell to your heart's content.

    Why not jump over to Showcase, too, and post some pics of your bike?
  4. Hi Baz. Welcome along