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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by korokoro, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. I finally decided to drop in and say hi
    Long time reader - first time poster.
    I've been riding the cbr250 for bloody years now (I've lost count). I've always dreamed of getting an old '89 gsxr 750 but money is always the limiting factor these days. Trying to save up for my first home by myself. sucks balls >_<

    I hope to be finished rebuilding my cbr soon, to be ready for summer. Weather is perfect these days, so I'm kicking myself each day I do nothing lol. Wish I had a mate to help sometimes as it gets majorly tedious going at it alone - I'm sick of it these days lol. I'm getting mighty pissed at painting my tank + wheels and plating heaps of nuts and bolts. Damn you, Murphys' law!!!!

    Once she's all done and dusted, I'm heaps keen to go out on ride days for something different. I've only ever ridden solo... so should be fun to meet new riders.

    I'm currently living out blacktown/mt druitt area (Sydney, NSW) (lucky my suburb isn't in a crime hotspot lol), so if anyone wants to give me a kick up the arse for some motivation, wear your heaviest steel capped boots! lol I've been dealing with a few nasty bouts of depression lately, which has kept me out of the shed for a few months... I never really used to think much of that stuff before but it has changed my outlook on things, somewhat, so I am sure there are lessons to be learned. Maximum respect to those who've been down that path before! I guess its all a life lesson at the end of the day.

    Anyway, happy to finally say hi on the forums. I'll be glad to post up some pics of my build when she's done... whenever that may be lol

  2. lemme have a peek of your work in progress .
    No ?
    One pic should be suffice.
  3. Actually, I haven't taken any photos for quite a while. It used to be an old beaten up trackbike, so not much to look at from old photos.
    I guess I could take a photo on the weekend. I guess it looks ok with the new fairings I put on it a few months ago.
  4. that would do:D
  5. Here is a pic of my old cbr I built a few years ago. I sold it to some young kid when I moved over seas and he had it squashed by a truck shortly after.
    I can positively say I wont be selling my builds anymore, no matter how much I need the money lol
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  6. Welcome to NR, that Black Dog can be hard to get rid of but it CAN be done, take it one day at a time and you'll get there, get out and meet as many people as you can, doesn't have to be on a bike, just rock up at a group meet and I'm sure the folks will make you welcome(y)
  7. always nice to see people de-lurking. Welcome to the forummm.
  8. Cheers for the replys, guys.

    Except for Mr. Badger lol

    Heres a pic of current progress.

    It was painful to see here in that state. I could only take 1 photo then put the cover back on. ;_;


    I think I might just pick up a new bike this weekend. (well, 1992 is new for me)


    Looking forward to taking a look this Saturday :) Just hop on, ride and enjoy (I hope)
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  9. Hmm... not so sure if I can pick up the new bike... mum lost her shit when I tried to sneak it in the tail end of a random conversation.
    Don't know weather to explain my situation or give up on it all. It feels like such a bad excuse though. I hate it how there is always that stigma attached to mental health issues (I have more than 1... yay! lol) At least the antidepressants are giving me some relief.
  10. Well, I bought that gixxer yesterday. I was just about to ride it home and the front brake light switch decided to stop working so they wouldn't let me ride it home >_< So they will deliver it to me some time earlier next week once they fix it up.

    By the looks of it - its going to be raining all week and on the weekend too... and after all this great weather we've been having... I swear the murphys law thing is following me like a curse T_T
  11. Nice bikes, gotta love the old gixxers with the lairy colour schemes.
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  12. How could anyone not like them :p

    One day, I'll plan to put some classic style fairings on whilst retaining the higher tech hardware.

    I'm dreaming of xr41 front end with twin headlamps:


    And the yoshimura superbike tail



    They're just pure gorgeous!

    Then at the same time, get some trick parts for it.

    Titanium zorst:

    Mag Wheels:

    Flat side carbies:

    That would make one sweet classic gsxr! One can only dream I guess.
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  13. ^^That is filthy bike p0rn.
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  14. Welcome. Glad to hear you are leasing that black dog.
    Nice bikes
  15. well, I had my gixxer delivered yesterday at work. went to ride home - but the plugs were fouled. Stuck at the office till about 8:30 pm (fun) and came back 6:50am today to swap out the plugs. when I took off the tank, I find the petcock casting is split and held together with a bit of JB weld T_T lucky that will be replaced free of charge. also put a new air filter on order so hopefully it will stop fouling plugs >_<

    rode it home... and bloody hell is it quick ^_^

    looking forward to joining a ride day some time soon. my sister rides too so i'll bring her along also :)

  16. why is that bike not touching the ground!!! That bike should be on the ground!! ESPECIALLY if the rider is trying to counter steer.

    Get your plane-bikes of my forum :grumpy:

    I kid. I'm really kind of jealous... of the bike and the handyness displayed.
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  17. Ever hear of a guy called Doc Brown , came up with this trick bit of gear called a flux capacitor . . . I believe that Gsx-r may have one of those installed on it - it's from the right era . . . . ;)
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  18. Is Doc Brown also Doc B, as seen very briefly in this location?

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  19. Well , close , someone else making a subtle joke as I was - showing my age here , it's a Back To The Future movie reference ! The DeLorean sports car turned into a time machine by Doctor Emmett Brown which had to get up to 88mph before the flux capacitor would kick in . I'm a movie tragic , I know ! :p
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  20. It's ok, I got it. I own the limited edition DVD trilogy. There's a delorean somewhere near Belmont and I filtered up to them at traffic lights last year and yelled some nonsense about them needing to slow down because I liked my life the way it was.

    Edit: if you look twice you'll see the fire left in the wake of the activated flux capacitor :)