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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sic626, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Just got my zzr on the road after many years or riding road/trails.. Just gotta fix a little problem sith my surge bottle overflowing with coolant. I am guessing its a faulty radiator cap as the spring has plenty of play in it.

  2. first post? have you posted in the Welcome lounge? either way, welcome to NR, west Subs of??
  3. Helloooooooo :bolt:
  4. welcome to NR, sic. (y)
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone... fixed my coolant problem now to replace the battery and I'm good to go can anyone recommend somewhere in melbourne that sells good quality batteries without the rip off price...
    I am in the western suburbs of melbourne
    Thanks again ... Mick
  6. Welcome Sic626 Battery World is a good option, they have a reasonable range.
  7. thanks cjvfr I will check it out
  8. hey mick come down to sat morn prac session and intro yourself on sat morns from 10am, happens behind the BP servo on beach rd, next to St Kilda marina. some of us meet at DFP and leave about 8:30am if youre an early riser, get to st kilda have a coffee and meet other riders there before we head to prac session, just a thought.
  9. Hi goodie thanks for the suggestion sounds like a great idea but I will keep check on the weather there is forcast for rain...
  10. Hi Mick and welcome to NR. Unfortunately the forecast doesn't look great
  11. Thanks GreyBM yes the forcast isn't great and I'm waiting for a battery I ordered so its looking unlikely for me :( is this held regularly
  12. Normally every Sat. It was cancelled today but that is rare.
  13. ok I was there today I will try to make it next week or the next would be great to put faces to the names on here
  14. Welcome Sic. Good to see you have your bika back on the road...:)
  15. Thanks fz1chick have you ever been to the Saturday morning meet
  16. No I haven't but once I have fully recovered from my surgery I am taking my partner and his son down to have a look. A refresher never hurt anyone. My step son is on his learners and my man has only just returned to riding after 24 years...lol
  17. Fz1chick I hope you get well soon.. I am sort of like your husband this is my first road bike after riding road registered trail bikes for years I am still adjusting to it that is why I would like to do the refresher...