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Hi Everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JayC, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Just though I would introduce myself.

    I have been reading this forum for about 12 months now and thought it was about time I joined.

    I have been riding for just over 12 months and got my licence last weekend along with my husband. I ride an RVF400 which I got 3 weeks ago, before that I had a CBR250R which I still have but will need to sell soon.

    I am a late starter, I was into horses before the bikes, I have been riding since I was 10yrs old and used to do eventing which was a great thrill but had to give up due to a back injury, I still have 1 horse left. But something was missing, the thrill of the ride, so I turned to bikes, I needed something and my husband and I can do it togeather, and I love it.

    My husband also rides an RVF 400, they are a great, fun bike to ride.

    Well thanks for listening, I look forward to joining the discussions.
  2. welcome and congrats on licence
  3. Hi, its great to see another lady rider here! Welcome to the group. I used to ride horses too all my life, but now I am enjoying riding with 58 of them all at once instead of only one!!!
  4. Welcome to NR. Now, which is more dangerous .. bikes or horses :D
  5. Welcome to Netrider, enjoy :)

    I know we have a few husband and wife teams here, but I'd guess you are the only one to have the same bikes :LOL:.
  6. Hi and welcome to netrider
  7. Yay another lady rider! (and welcome to your husband too) :)
  8. Welcome jayc...You sound a lot like me, i have been riding horses since i was 2 years old and had to give up serious riding after a lower back injury...
    I too felt that missinf " rush" and thats how i found bikes,,,

    Me and my husband ride, he rides a sports tourer and i ride a cruiser....

    Go the GIRLS ; )
  9. Welcome to NR JayC and mr JayC ..

    Enjoy ur stay and catch you on a ride one day !!!

    pics please :D
  10. Hello and welcome
  11. Thanks everyone for the great welcome. I would have to say horses are more dangerous, they have a brain and sometimes think differently to you, but both of them give you a 'rush'.
  12. Hi JayC and Mr JayC. Welcome to NR
  13. Bikes dont kick, bite, pigroot, or shy. I read somewhere that riding a bike (in general) is less dangerous than riding horses.
  14. I've never had a bike leave a perfectly formed hoofprint on my thigh, nor leave me with a lacerated kidney after throwing me off over a jump and kicking me.

    I'll stick to the steel ponies :)