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Hi Everyone, total noob here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ford Fairlane, May 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Have been lurking for a few days as im very new to the world of motorbikes and have reached the point in my life where i need to have one. Perhaps its a mid life crisis (38 year old male here). 8-[

    A bit about me.. As i said, im 38 and currently live in Sydney, but ive scored work in Canberra and am building in Yass so im definately making the move. I havent considered bikes before as i feel that Sydney traffic is too wicked and death wishy for a bike.. (yeah i know im gutless)

    But now that im going for a tree change (a couple of acres at yass), im thinking i want the bike experience and possibly use it to commute the 50k's each way to work everyday...

    I have been reading the forums and im still debating whether or not i have the mettle to be a bike rider (kinda scared of it at the moment) but there is the side of me that says f$%k it, i want to ride!

    The aim of the game is to get my licence to start with and end up riding with groups.

    Not sure of type of bike i want but i think with all the commuting from yass to canberra, a comfy cruiser might be the go (maybe an xvs 650) as it will be mostly country miles im gonna chew up.

    so just reading all the threads and absorbing all the info before i book in my pre learners course

    keep safe guys and ill let you know if i make the decision to join the 2 wheeling crew! :)

  2. Give it a go, at least go through the process of getting your learners. You will know fairly quickly if you are going to be a rider or not.
  3. Left hand drive Cussy, As above, Welcome,
  4. Welcome Mr Rock and roll detective...
  5. A lot of the LAMS bikes are fine to do Yass to Canberra commuting.Plenty of 500 and 650cc bikes. Good luck.Enjoy the rider training .It is well woth doing.