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Hi everyone.. new Vic learner :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AngieW, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Hi guys & girls, my name is Ange & I've been pointed in this general direction by some of the guys on VMR (facebook).

    I've had my current bike (hyosung gt250r) for about 4 months now- I sit my test in November to hopefully lose my Ls... Anyway I'm based in Pakenham, Victoria and if anyone has any slow weekend rides or is a learner themselves... I'd appreciate meeting you! :ROFLMAO:

  2. Hi angie, Are you hot?

    (Welcome btw. )
  3. Lol! Uhh... no? Sorry to burst your bubble! :p
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  4. Hi and welcome Angie. Hope to see you on a ride sometime.
  5. 5 minutes - Is that a record?

    G'day Angie
  6. i've had 2 minutes before, just flexing the muscle to let the creepers know the boss is still around.
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  7. Thanks guys :) hoping to get out for as much rides possible now it's (maybe) warming up.
    Went on my first small group ride yesterday... now I'm beginning to look for more people to ride with.
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  8. Welcome to NR. :)
  9. Hi and welcome :)

    Don't forget to rock up to Saturday practice at Elwood. You'll meet lots of NRs there.
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  10. I think I'm watching that thread- is that the newbie session? I was considering going..
  11. Welcome to NR.. and yes that is the thread Greydog is referring to.
  12. Welcome Angie, there is also the Learners/New riders Sunday ride thread
  13. Awesome, thankyou :)
  14. I would place the Sat sessions as a compulsory thing for learners such as us...
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  15. Welcome Angie :)
  16. Welcome to the NutHouse Ange :D

    You'll meet a lot of nice people here :)

    I met you @ Catherine's a little while back ( fitting hers / johns and Dans tyres )
  17. welcome along Angie, seems a few are cropping up from your neck of the woods, maybe search on the welcome thread and ride up to sat prac session 'as a gang' the 'L' torros? :) well worth the trip to sat prac session, highly recommended..
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  18. Yeah, I've heard mixed opinions on it from other people- I'm about 13,000kms into my learners so some are saying too advanced others I should go anyway... so just gonna check it out for myself. Best way to be :)