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Hi Everyone.. new Sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by olympicwiz, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Recently got my Ls and learning to ride... Saw the forum and thought it has a lot of useful info so here I am.

    Hope to contribute as I learn my way around.

  2. welcome to NR, as always suggested, read up on this site, get yourself to the Homebush sat morn prac sessions and meet some great people and get as many pointers as you can.
  3. Welcome to NR(y)
  4. Welcome.
    Enjoy the ride. ;-)
  5. Hi mate , welcome !
  6. Welcome...check out the learners sessions down Homebush way..info is in the events forum...
  7. Welcome to NR!
    +1 come and join us in Homebush for the learners sessions.
  8. Thank you so much guys for your kind words... I just don't think I could make it to Homebush in one piece yet, but I would love to! Where could I find more details?
  9. I am in the Eastern Suburbs .. Watsons Bay and can safely travel in a moderate traffic.

    Just worried getting out to heavier traffic yet.
  10. I don't know anyone who goes to Homebush regularly from the Eastern suburbs. Give me a yell when you think you're ready to hit the road to Homebush, I may go for a ride to the beaches on a Saturday morning.
  11. Thank you.. I PMed you!
  12. Welcome!
    Friendly place, isn't it?
  13. Shhhh dont tell everyone! We got reputation to uphold here :p

    @BOB88R Bobby, I'll join ya for the run in if you want the company (y) just lemme know when's the go
  14. Sure MadAzz, the more the merrier.
  15. #16 BOB88R, Sep 4, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2013
  16. That would be awesome MadAzz! Btw ... Is "Push me, shove you!" from Mad Max? Oops... showing my age!
  17. Ha! Would love to be able to ride to Wollongong!!! ...eventually!
  18. That it is (y) and since you know this, that makes you the perfect age :)

  19. What's Mad Max, maybe you mean Mad Mex, the Mexican food outlet? o_O ;)