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Hi everyone! New rider in Melb!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by imomox3, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone. Name's Bono. I just moved to Melbourne from Adelaide about a month and a bit ago for university. Just got my learners permit and I own a Honda CBR250RR! :D

    Been checking out a few threads on the forums and looking around. Hope to start meeting some Melbourne riders around the western suburbs. Being new well, I don't know any people that ride here so I'm all alone lol.

    Not sure if I should make another thread but I'm gna ask here anyways so I don't have to make multiple threads. I'm very new to motorbikes and basically just got my learners, and my CBR. I ride, but I don't know squat about maintaining my bike, doing my own servicing, where to go for servicing, etc etc. I just want to know general bike maintenance and how to care for my bike properly and make sure she's running awesome, every time.

    Any tips or is there a thread that basically tells me everything I need to know about MC22's? Oil, battery, spark plugs, chain lube, etc. Thanks guys and looking forward to some day meeting you all and going on cruises!
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  2. Hi Bono, and welcome to Melbourne.
    I'm sure you'll meet up with a few people through this site. Saturday morning at Elwood is a good place to meet other Netriders.

    About your bike, there are not sections for each model, just bikes in general, but this link might prove useful to you.
  3. welcome to NR and as above, get to sat prac sessions, you'll meet bike mechanics, tyre fitters one even lives in your area :)
  4. welcome to the madhouse mate:p
  5. Welcome to the asylum(y)
  6. Hey man!
    what part of the burbs u in?
    I HIGHLY recommend the Sat sessions! I went my first time on Sat & learnt invaluable stuff that in one day has totally changed my riding style.
  7. Welcome to NR .
  8. Thanks for the welcoming everybody. I'm located around Cairnlea/St Albans area. Don't really know my way around since I just moved here so I've only rode around my area. Haven't really expanded outwards to other suburbs as this is my first time on the road and in another state - traffic is much more hectic than Adel.
  9. My son lives in Adelaide (Myrtle Bank), and he tells me we drive better here in Vic.
  10. Wouldn't be hard - people drive like complete f*#ktards over here , absolutely no idea what they're doing half the time. Should have seen it yesterday with the Father's Day traffic -moron's traveling up to 20kph under the speed limit . Aaaarrrgh !!
  11. well if you are interested in coming to sat prac session, get onto the thread and say about thurs/friday ask if anyone will escort you in, reckon coming in from the west subs you may have an offer thrown your way :)