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Hi everyone - New Member - Hornsby, NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WadeOhh, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Just joined up to NetRider as it seems a popular choice.

    I bought a Madass in 2010 and it was a decent little bike for me, but it was time to step up to something that I could get out of town on.

    2 weeks ago I bought a 2013 Kawa Ninja 300 SE ABS and its a brilliant little bike. Keen to get into some larger group rides which is one of the main reasons I joined NetRider.

    I look forward to chatting with all of you and contributing to the forum :)
  2. Lulz @ the madass to the 300

    sound familiar @MadAzz300 ??

    Welcome bud, enjoy the forum....there are some dickheads about (me probably being one of them) but overall a good bunch of people.
  3. ohmigosh no way!!!!!!!! :ROFLMAO:

    Welcome to NetRider mate.

    My first ride was a MadAss and 2nd is a Ninja 300 SE (non-ABS) (y).

    There's always something happening around here - and if there's not, post a ride and they will come. Oh yes.
  4. Welcome mate, your lucky to live so close to the old road. I bet your 300 handles nice around those bends. We'll have to go for a run one day.
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  5. Welcome, you related to madazz or did you just read her book on the natural progression of motorcycles ?
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  6. Welcome, me and a few others do a semi regular group ride - starting from St. Ives (just down the road from you).
    You're welcome to join us anytime.
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  7. welcome to NR
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  8. Haha. Thanks for all the welcomes. Go the Madass! As I said, I thought it was a decent little runner. Basically a motorised pushbike. Definitely turned heads. Not sure if for the right reasons though. Haha.

    Oh really? I'd definitely be interested in hooking up with some rides out of St Ives. Just down the road. Have you guys got a thread or something with rides you're doing? If not, PM me if you're doing any. I'd love to tag along. Looking to hook up with some riding groups for sure.

    You know, I actually did it for the first time last weekend (I never tamed it on the Madass. Haha). My god! So much fun! Being my first run through there, and have only put 200-300ks on the 300, I took it reasonably easy. I am VERY keen to get onto it again. Let me know when/if you're keen, I'll def be up for a run through there (even if I'm probably a little slow for your liking :) )
  9. @WadeOhh, mate I'm a learner always doing the old road though. so if your keen for a ride mid week or some sundays you're more than welcome to join, just pm me if you want to ride!
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  10. @taymaishu when do you get your bike back?
    We should get another ride going with OP, you and the other chaps from last time.
  11. Welcome aboard :)
  12. Welcome to the forum[​IMG]

  13. Keen as. As I mentioned, keen to hook up with some riding groups, and being close by, even better. Not sure what you guys are packing, but remember, I'm only 700k's into a 300... :)
  14. Should be back this week (cross fingers!).

    Been absolutely itching for a ride. From riding every day to public transport every day I'm dying here!
  15. Welcome to NR!