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hi everyone! New here.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by username, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Hi guys. well the car is costing me far too much. I'm really keen on getting a bike but i have NO idea on taking the first step. Do I get the honda riders training on their bike first? or buy a bike, bung it in the ute and take my own? Where do I practice? Do licenses come before practice? What bike is going to suit me? i'm 6'4 and 130kgs (headed to 110 though haha) so i need something fairly beefy, but i'm looking at the trail / naked bikes to start with... something nimble i'm not going to kill myself on if i drop it.

    budget $3500... can anyone head me in the right direction?

    Cheers :]


  2. Hey mate,

    I would suggest doing your L's 1st
    Update ya profile. Coz depends on where u live in NSW you have a year once you get your L's before they expire.
    And riiding it on the road as practise is illagal and you will get in some troble.

    Dont forget as well you need to buy protective gear.
    I would suggest not to budget on this because at the end of the day its all you have if you come off.

    So after all of that it will then depend on what your budget will come to.
  3. thanks yob, profile says i'm in melb. the $3500 is what I have budgeted for the bike. the folks are looking after ALL the gear for xmas as they want to make sure i'm as safe as possible :] how nice of them!

    so by 'doing my Ls'... what is that? go to the office, pass the test and get the plate?

    I don't intend on doing anything illegal at all, so will be following the right way to get on two wheels, just need to know how :]
  4. Im not exactly sure how its done in melb.
    But i know in NSW you have to book your L's its 2 half day course.
    They teach you the basics, make sure you know what your doing before they pass you, but they teach it all to you.
    Then in NSW you have your L's for 1 year. I did this then about 4 months later bought my bike, still gave me plenty of time to get practise.
    Then i booked my P's and thats a full day course then i have them for a year.

    If ya parents are buying you the gear then thats awsome :)
    If you want something basic and good to learn on you may even think about the Honda CB 250

    But go onto a site like bikesales.com.au type Melb and put in your price range and just take a look around until you see something you like.
    Theres such a big range you should find soemthnig you fall in love with.
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    there are plenty of bikes i love the look of, but what do i NEED to haul my fat ass up the westgate bridge?

    dub dub dub .hondampe. com . au/wps/wcm/connect/hondampe/Home/Motorcycles/Training+%26+Licensing+(HART)/Victoria+-+Course+Information/MC+-+HART+-+Course+Information+-+VIC+-+Learner+Permit+Courses+%26+Testing

    good first step? That includes the Ls permit yeah? even if its on their bike

    sorry, just replace the dub dub dub and remove the spaces before and after the com...

    forum won't let me post URLs yet
  6. Welcome username.
    Enjoy the world of 2 wheels but a word of warning.
    If you're getting into bikes to save money you could be seriously surprised. :eek:
    Small capacity bikes, maybe but mid sized and over forget it.
    But its a good excuse to help "convince" someone. :LOL:
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    haha, thanks 2wheels

    two weeks ago my clutch and gearbox failed, (on the westgate) that cost me $2600.

    Last friday my engine failed (ALSO on the friggen westgate), thats costing me a packet on friday too.

    plus $130 per week for fuel

    So i'm keeping the ute and using it as a weekend warrior, and a bike for the commute

    I don't think short of bending a bike in half it can cost me as much! lol


    i'm really liking this (apart from the purple wheels)
  8. Apart from being well outside your LAMS limits its about $1000 over priced :wink:

    EDIT: And it does make my other post above, closer to the mark :LOL:
  9. Hi username! That bike will cost you $35/week in fuel, and $600 in speeding fine + 12 months suspension! :LOL:

    Like 2wheels said, it's outside of the LAMS limit, so you can't have it for the first 12 months after your Ps. You sound like you commute a bit (and Westgate is windy), so maybe get a LAMS bike that's bigger than 250 - simply to make it less taxing to ride. GS500 would be a good choice, and would fit comfortably in your $3500 budget.

    Looking at your taste in bike though....BE WARNED, like others have said, you WILL be addicted, and before you know it, it will cost you way more than cars as you upgrade to the latest and greatest sportsbikes..... :p

    Welcome!! :grin:
  10. Hahaha, I'm just kidding about the fine! I found it funny that he wanted to get a bike for commuting - something naked or trail (in his first post), which sounded sensible, and then the first bike he got interested in was exactly the opposite of all those! Not LAMS, faired, sports.....:p

    In saying that, to the OP I reckon if your car is costing you $2600 in repairs, I can understand why you'd start looking into getting a bike...any bike...it's ridiculous!
  11. If you happen to own a litrebike, those figures may make sense.

    But if you are half sensible and buy 250, then it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

    Rear Tyre = OZ$180 fitted
    Clutch (every single part) = US$510 = OZ$730 + $10 oil + labour
    Fairings (every single piece) = US$1140 = OZ$1630 (DIY)
    Radiator = US$400 = OZ$570 + $10 coolant + labour

    Having said that, if you need to replace every single piece of your clutch, then you probably need to learn some clutch finesse. Normally it would run you US$60 for the friction plates and springs. And if you need to replace every single piece of your fairing, then you're probably dead. A left/right side piece is US$290.

    Kish, don't scare people off with what it costs to fix YOUR bike!

    Evidently username is going to require a 500 to move his weight, but a Suzuki GS500 isn't going to cost the world to fix, especially if you buy the naked.

    Yeah, it's not cheaper than a car as everyone expects.

  12. regarding the gear, i hope your folks are happy spending $2000+ on you for christmas :grin:

    sure u can go uni-student tightarse, and get SFA for safety, and spend under $1000. i think i've spent around $2500, and will gladly spend more. it's saved my arse on multiple occasions.

    then dont forget to allow money for insurance, and onroad costs, and any maintenance needed in the near future as you will be buying second hand.

    go to HART or somewhere similar, get your Ls, ask them questions. and have fun! :grin:
  13. Hi and welcome.

    If you are loooking ride a bike to save money you should probably stop now.

    I think the only way you may save money with a bike is to buy a small one that and use it only as a commute. But even there the outlay on things like saftey gear may mean it takes longer to get back your return than you may think.

    However if you are like most, the minute you start riding you will be bitten by the bug. You will realise something that as a driver you may have intuited but never experienced - the fun of riding. Soon you will be going on weekend rides, midweek rides, after work rides, coffee nights etc, etc, etc, etc. You will end up spending more in petrol than you ever did in your car despite getting better fuel economy. You will realise your winter jacket and gloves are two hot for summer and you will need extra sets. Oops had a little off? That will be replacemnt lever and peg and maybe a new helmet. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    So if you are like most here, forget about saving money.

    The upside is while possibly costly, none of the above is a bad thing. You will be part of THE elite group of road users, you will meet a great group of people and you will be having more fun than a non rider can possibly imagine.
  14. Hi 'username', welcome! :)

    Even tho I'm new to NR too, I wanted to add my 2c's worth (if I may guys?) and I hope the others haven't put you off ...?

    First, ANY new sport or otherwise, is going to cost a few relative $s in the intial SET UP ... kinda like converting your petrol car to gas ... eventually, after the intial 'investment', you are going to start getting back a 'return' even if it may take a year or some

    My guy has turned to bikes as a means of transport to and from work to save money, and he IS saving money! His car (which I love and will be sad to see it go when he sells it to help with the bike-upgrade next May) costs heaps to run and maintain ... his ZZR250? he is already reaping the savings in petrol costs which are a tenth of his car! Already, his bike owes him nothing after only eight months, and the savings of which he is putting into gradually upgrading his kit

    Savings? You bet! for a start, there's only TWO tyres not four :p
    An older bike that's been well maintained will cost less to look after than an older car! And insurance is less too

    If you want to check what bike you're allowed to ride on your L's, paste the following address into your browser and take a look at the Vic Roads website:


    And, I can highly recommend the crew at "Motorcyle Motion" to get your Learners :grin:

    As to what type of bike to have (once you're off your restricted licence), start window shopping, doesn't cost a cent :grin:

    Hope something of the above helps :)
  15. thanks for the responses guys.

    I know there is a fairly hefty monetry outlay in ANY new undertaking (hell, i bought a nitro monster truck acouple of months ago.

    Fact is, my car is slowly destroying itself as a daily drive. It's too powerfull and thirsty for gridlock commutes, and I'm retiring it to weekends. They told me on the car forum that the mod bug would bite, and it sure as hell did.

    The trail / naked thought process was as I said, incase i drop the thing.

    I do like to go fast (in my car) but atm the thought of going fast on a bike scares me. i know thats a fag approach and after one week on a bike i'll be thinking differently, but my reasoning for getting on two wheels is a) save money and b) becuase i've always wanted to.

    So i'll mainly be commuting, but I just know i'm going to love the twisties once I get some confidence up. A pure sports bike for me i think is a bad decision. I just got my car licence back and there is no need to go 250+kph :D

    Sports tourer is sounding good to me. Going to google that GS500 now thanks speed_deamon.

    I'm 130kg now, but thats down from 154 in june, and I expect to be at 120 by christmas, with a target of 110, so while I appreciate any timely advice, i recognise that i'm a 'man mountain' and I know thats not too great for motorbikes, but hey. doing my best.

    :arrow: *Hands a nice cool beer to ISCN... s'all good mate....* :]
  16. yep, fallen in love with the GS500F K4. the one with the non gay looking round headlight. Love the faired look too, just gotta be extra carfull not to drop it :-(

    Anyway, my credit card bill is smaller than I thought! So looks like I could be on two wheels as early as january :D
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