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Hi Everyone its Bruce from Olinda/Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZX9A6, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. I have been out to meet some of you on the mystery ride on thursdays for the last two rides, also did the Pink Ribbon Ride excellent rides nice people oh must mention the cappuccino on thursday night NICE !got to get one inya.

    Anyhow been riding & racing for along time now started when I was 12 road raced at age 15 with Hartwell MCC did that for about 4 years then packed it all in to do the family thing built my own home kept on riding though, did find some time to do this.
    But the time has come to stop riding on my own and start doing the group thing and looking forward to this meeting new people should be good, doing all kinds of different rides weekenders, day trips etc.

    Currently own 3 bikes 2 GPZ 900Rs and 1 chook chaser (its all good fun)
    So hopefully see you all out there somewhere

    Regards Bruce

  2. Hey Bruce
    Nothing wrong with chook chasers.
    Ride Safe
  3. Hey Bruce see ya on a Thursday night soon.
  4. Hi Bruce,

    Been good having you along on Thursday nights, hope you make a few more. Welcome :)

  5. hey, Nee. see you thursday night.
  6. Hi Bruce, It's Matt from the Blue Mountains formally from Mooroolbark in Vic

    Welcome to NR mate
  7. welcome. i trust u enjoyed the ride despite the small turnout last thursday.

    ill catcha in a few weeks on the next thurs that i can make it too

  8. Welcome aboard mate.. :grin:
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone, just got back from the mystery ride and yes another wet night but a good turn out no mishaps and chris was the leader and what a top job to.
    Heaps of new people tonight strange that anyway thanks again.
    See you all out there somewhere

    Regards Bruce
  10. Hi Bruce! Welcome

    Couldn't resist :LOL: