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Hi everyone I'm nick from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by skonas, May 15, 2012.

  1. Hello to everyone on here my names nick and i live in the adelaide hills. Ive just recently got my learners but have been riding since i was 7 years old. im the somewhat proud owner of an NSR 150 sp. shes a nimble beast but well down on power and a rear fairing that blew off whilst on a spirited ride haha. glad to be apart of this community now.

  2. Re: Hi everyone im nick form SA

    Hi Nick, Good to see some more Middle Staters joining the fray. Some nice riding over your way. Just a pity its a boring run from Victoria to get there although I do like the run along the coast and then up into Adelaide. Probably my preferred route across.
  3. Re: Hi everyone im nick form SA

    Welcome Nick, hey send us some warm weather for a change lol
  4. Re: Hi everyone im nick form SA

    Hello Nick, nice to meet you. Welcome to netrider.

    The Adelaide hills, wow. Great place to live if you're bike rider.
  5. Re: Hi everyone im nick form SA

    Gudday Nick.

    I saw a rider on a little Honda NSR with another guy on some kind of 600cc sports bike along one of the roads to Echunga today (can't remember which one). Rider was in full leathers I reckon. Wasn't you was it? I was on a blue VFR800. Anyway, see you on the road and watch out for the tractors. ;)
  6. Re: Hi everyone im nick form SA

    Hi Nick and welcome to the community
  7. Welcome to NR :)
  8. *fixed
  9. Had trouble with the test eh ?
  10. Hey Blab, I don't see you down burgerworld lately. You still fat, man?