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Hi everyone, I'm a new rider from Wollongong.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by evman, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Well it took me a long time, but I'm back on my L's, this time as motorcycle rider. And boy I feel like a noob! Learning how to use clutch, throttle and brake all over again is interesting to say the least, while 90 degrees turns and roundabouts get my heart rate going every time.

    I've got a Honda CB400A which is really comfy and mostly easy to ride, I'm just having to come to terms with the revy throttle.

    Been lurking around the forum for a little while, and looking forward to being part of it.

  2. Howdy, great all rounder the CB400.
  3. Welcome from another Wollongonger......
  4. welcome
  5. Hi Evan. Practice, practice, practice. Just like driving a car - eventually the mechanics of making the thing do what you want it to do becomes reflex, and then you can concentrate on what you really need to take notice of: car drivers who are still trying to make the thing do what they want it to!
  6. Howdy Evan, welcome to NR!
  7. welcome aboard Evan
  8. Welcome to NR...