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Hi everyone, i am new here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by fullvision, Jun 4, 2013.

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    I thought i have to take this step to introduce myself and express my gratefulness to Netrider community for all this valuable information which is very helpful for newbie riders like myself
    about me shortly : i just got my Ls and cant wait to get on my two wheels. its a whole new world even i have been on the road for over a decade but on two wheels is a completely different world
    i live in Melbourne western suburbs and i work in office environment which i feel doent match bike riding but there should be a solution i am sure i will find it here
    i am very happy to be here and looking forward to be a cooperative and welcomed guest whether
    online or on road ! ride safely everyone

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  2. Welcome. Yep plenty of old heads to learn the important stuff from here.
  3. Welcome to NR
  4. Welcome mate :)
  5. Hey mate - welcome to NetRider. What kind of bike are you thinking on getting?
  6. Welcome.

    Pfft Riders are perfect for the office.

    • Riders get in earlier 'cause they aren't stuck on public transport.
    • Riders are happier workers in the morning 'cause they weren't stuck on public transport.
    • Riders are happier to work back (usually to cover somebodies ar*e) 'cause they will get home quick rather than waiting an hour for a train.
    • Riders are more alert (so we don't get hit).
    • Riders are more intelligent (or we wouldn't ride a bike).
    • Riders are Hot! Apparently. 'cause it's about the most common question on Netrider.

    Pair of work trousers in the backpack, business shirt on under the jacket, pair of dress shoes under the desk. Helmet on the desk. Keep your greasy fingers off my visor:mad: !

    I've almost finished my morning Netrider session, so I'll start work soon.
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  7. Welcome Sam :)
    What you do to pay the bills is nowhere near as important as what you do in your own time. For many of us riding is the choice!
  8. welcome! Ride safe!
  9. Welcome Sam! - and YES ride to work & every other chance you get :)
  10. She love you longtime and can't wait to be selling you many product of good time happiness very soon.
  11. Hi,

    and welcome to NR.

    Lots of solutions to the office attire thing -

    Shirts either wear under jacket or bring in a few and use a Drycleaner to wash and iron them and keep them at work.
    Pants, you can bring them in or leave in the office and again get them cleaned like shirts
    Leave work shoes at work
    Have a frank chat to the boss about you actually need to be wearing to work, they may have some flexability if you are not dealing face to face with customers.

    I have some work shirts,a pair of pants and shoes at work for the days I need them. Most of the time however I just wear kevlars and tshirts and no issue with the boss.

    Enjoy riding and let us know what bike you get.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  12. wow that is a very warm welcoming thank you everyone who responded to my post
    I work in several offices during the week but there is no uniform required,just any formal outfit and i carry paper work and a laptop !

    I am considering the following bikes :
    Honda CBR 500
    Honda CBR 250
    CF MOTO leader 150 (i loved the gears indicator and the price!)

    will let you know guys about my first ride and pride once i get it !

    I loved these points ! you made my night ! especially the hot thing bit yaay lol

  13. I'm lucky enough have a locker room with showers so I keep work shoes and trousers in my locker with soap,brush etc and take a shirt to iron then up the lift to the office. I carry everything for the day in my Ventura pack so just unclip after parking (hiding) my bike in a corner of the corporate car only under cover secure car park. Too easy.
  14. What brand of soap?
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  15. I haven't got any luggage yet, just use an old back-pack. When you are starting out costs can add up. Ventura is very popular, but you also have to buy the frame as well. From my research Kriega seems quite good, they make a tail/seat pack range and you can stack bits up. 20L pack for most of the gera and a 10L clicked on the top for the laptop, maybe.

  16. dont ignore the question, please, it is important!
  17. welcome aboard mate enjoy the ride :)