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Hi Everyone From R1_lover

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by R1_lover, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Hi guys!

    Just passed my learners on the weekend and feeling pretty good about it l can tell you.
    I was told all about Netriders by Kez, so thought ld stick my head in and say hello to everyone.
    There may be a few here that know me from OCAUMC...
    hi Gato....l did it!!...thanks for all your support mate!!

    Im now on the hunt for a bike, mind you l still have to work my other half...as hes not real keen on me buying a bike, but give it time he will come good....lol

    If anyone has any second hand leathers thats going cheap ld be interested in having a look.

    Anyway great to meet you all and hope to be out there riding right behind you all real soon :twisted:


  2. Welcome R1_lover. Good luck in your hunt for a bike, don't let anyone stop you :twisted: . Oh and welcome of course :D

  3. good on ya julz!
    as soon as u get a bike u need to come to some cruises!

    anyways...good luck findin a bike in the meantime..

  4. Hi R1_lover and welcome!!

    What bike are you looking at getting?
  5. Welcome over here Julie and congrats on passing your Ls :D I got my license last Wed :)

    Sorry I didn't make it to Blue Smurf's shindig, but life got pretty busy for a few weeks there.

    Be great to meet you on a ride soon when you get a bike :)
  6. Gday m8 and welcome to the site. What bike floats ya boat at the moment

  7. Hello Hello!

    I've got half a bike if you like.... already been crash test dummied!

  8. Hey Julz! :D Welcome :)
    Congrats on passing your L's, & good luck finding a bike :D
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the forums!
  10. Congrats on getting your L's Julz.

    Hope to see ya on a ride when ya get a bike.
  11. Welcome to the forums Julz and good luck with your search.
  12. Welcome to the forums :D :D :D
  13. Congrats and welcome to the forums. :) I don't have leather gear for sale but how about a nice dririder? Size XS. :D

    *Hrmm...I'm starting to sound a bit desperate with the dririder :|*
  14. hey there julz,

    good to see you here. congrats on passing the test! :D
    anything exciting to tell?

    hey if you're looking for gear, there is the night shopping happening next month. i'll definitely be there, probably get all my gear then. saving up in the meantime.

    as for bikes, well we're both still hunting around eh? :wink:

  15. Thanks everyone for the great welcome.....

    I will check that out foxy thanks!

    Now lm finding it a bit hard to answer what everyone said but...lol, lm hoping to find leathers first, but if l dont find anything l will most likely get something like a dri rider jacket, but l dont think xs will fit me actually...small maybe as lm roughly about a size 12 whatever that is in US sizing.
    Thats something lm yet to work out...the weird sizing...lol.

    Im hoping to find a CBR250RR....but somehow l doubt that l will find one cheap enough. They seem to be a bit pricey. Either way lm open to look at anything really as long as it looks and goes like a Zertek...lol.

    Is there a spot on here for mug shots??
  16. Heya Julie, :D

    Welcome aboard. :D :D :D Congrats on ya learners.. I told you, you would be fine. Cya out there :twisted: Can't wait till ya come to Brissie :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted: :p
  17. Hey Jase, wheres the group hug? [-X
  18. Group Hug! :LOL:

    (I'm getting there, TV took some attention tonight :))