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Hi Everyone... fellow adelaidian

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by polako, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. my name is przemek, im from adelaide.
    my gf of 3 years cant pronounce it, so dont bother trying =p
    ive been around here for a while, and thought id come out the closet and
    finally say hi!

    i learnt to ride on a farm prior to getting my license on an xt250 - this is where majority of my bruises occured, then moved onto an old school (1973) suzuki 185. =D

    once I got my learners, I got a zzr250, then a yamaha xt660 motard.

    not too long ago, I bought an 07 cbr600rr =D =D

    looking forward to going on some cruises and meeting some of you guys and girls.

    take care look forward to hearing from some of you

  2. Hey :grin:

    I'm guessing your name is pronounced as prez-mek? :p


    Now get on back to bed. Its past ya bedtime. [​IMG]

  3. If i had a dollar for everytime someone mis-pronouced my name i'd own 3 of 4 cbr's lmao

    not the worst attempt nonetheless! :LOL:

    Thanks allthesame

  4. I know how you feel people always getting my name wrong :LOL:

    welcome to the forum przemek :grin:
  5. Stupid double post! (actually I hit quote instead of edit :oops: Used to be a delete button, dunno what happened to it.
  6. HEY HEY welcome to the site... if you get bored you could go for abit of a long ride... Well SA is the next state to ride to qld... the vics did it why dont you pop up? :wink:
  7. Welcome to NR polako.
    Great to see another adelaide rider in the madhouse
    If your looking for a good ride coming up, "Sabres" is holding its 5 ferries ride on the 23rd of sept.
    (check event/ride calendar) for details.
    I'll be there, so If you see my bike (check photo in garage) come over and say G'day.
  8. NOICE

    it's not a black one that is kept in the david jones car park during the day is it?

    welcome & hope to see you on an adelaide ride soon!
  9. kurwa, nastepny Polak.

    would it be pronounced pcsh-emek (bit hard to type the sound!)? i got lucky, my parents only lumped me with robert!

    Utrzymuja czarne czescie na dol! :grin:
  10. lol @ pete... =D

    thanx everyone for the welcome...
    somehow i doubt ill be travelling interstate, an hour ride around town hurst my wrists enough lol

    vossy ill see how i go on the 23rd, if im free ill try and get a few other people to come too.

    edgelett, its black but not the one at DJ's... actually i dont think i could leave my bike out all day like that :(

    czesc rob... lucky i didnt bet that noone could get it right - could be in a lil bit of debt :p

  11. Welcome aboard..
  12. Sound very welcoming & enthusiastic ther Bluey. :LOL:

    Happens when you posting & you instead supposed to be in
    bed fast asleep. :p
  13. woop woop im a noob on the forum and from adelaide..be down for a cruise some sunny day :cool: Daniel..welcome aboard :cool: :cool: