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Hi everyone, another new rider, another new member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Alex P, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to do a quick introduction and to let everyone know what a great resource netrider is.

    Although i've only just joined after purchasing a 1996 Honda Hornet 250cc, i've been visiting the site for ages regarding the forums etc and it's been great to get 'real' people's opinions and thoughts.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work everyone.

  2. Hi there buddy I'm a Newbie myself - still minus the bike & L's though.

    We have come to the right place. All warm, supportive, non-judgemental, funny & down to earth. (Gee I am excited) LOL

    Have fun with your new ride. Above all enjoy & stay safe.

  3. Woo-hoo, ANOTHER Horneteer, welcome, Alex :).

    And I'm sure you'll get your kicks here :wink:.
  4. Thanks Route66 and Hornet600! Yeah am really enjoying the 250cc hornet. Is significantly faster than i thought it would be, even with my bulky 115 kg on it. Hornet600 you may be able to give me some insight into this, the 250cc is obviously a screamer, which is quite foreign to me. I've always driven big V8's, 4WD's etc and am used to low revs and large amounts of torque. I feel like i'm killing the bike, as it's at around 8000rpm at 100km and it seems happy only once above around 5000rpm. What's your 600 revving like at 100km/h?
  5. My 600 revs at around 5,000 at 100kph in top.

    But you should hear it at 10,000 in the intermediates pulling away from the Robertson Pie Shop!!!

    You need to change your car-orientated thinking when it comes to bikes; they are designed to REV!!!!!!!!! At 8,000 rpm you've still got around 5,000 before you hit the redline!
  6. Welcome Alex, No wonder Garfield goes missing.
  7. Welcome aboard Alex.. :grin:
  8. Welcome :grin:
  9. Thanks Polako, Blue 14 and Susuzuki! Has been a wonderful reception.

    Hornet600, thanks for the advice, am trying to alter my state of mind and accept that this little 250 needs the revs to move. I'm assuming that the bike won't overheat etc if i cruise on the highway for a while at 8,000rm (100 kph)? What type og average fuel consumption can i expect? Sorry to throw a million questions at you guys. It has a 16 litre tank so am hoping i'll get at least a couple of hundred km's before a refill (obviously dependent on revs and how hard i ride it)
  10. Should get about 400km before the tank is empty, so reset your trip metre with a full tank and fill up when it gets to about 350. For more spirited riding, probably fill up at 300.

    Thats assuming its 4L/100kms which is the average for most 250s.
  11. Thanks Phizog, is great just to get a general idea of km's as there is no fuel gauge on my hornet so i'm assuming that when it starts spluttering then i need to switch to reserve. As for the trip meter, i still haven't work out how to reset it. I seem to be able to make it go higher (strange) by twisting it. But as soon as i've worked it out, i'll be using your tip
  12. hooray another Hornet owner!!!
    welcome mate!
  13. Welcome aboard. :)

    The forum boards are a great resource for tech info, checking / verifying rumours about particular models etc... I'm sure you'll find there are plenty of social conversations and organized rides to take part in too.

    more stuff than you can poke a stick at really.

    hope you like it as much as the rest of us.