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Hi , Everybody!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dumpthedummy, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Hey guys (and girls)

    I'm a recent high school graduate and along the journey of figuring out who I am and all the typical teenage/student decisions, my brother and I have decided to get into riding. Mainly for a brotherly bonding thing, but also since most riders seem so relaxed and free on the road - something that we would love to take part in.

    Seeing as I've had no experience with motorbikes (riding a scooter in Vietnam doesn't really count), I'm a newbie to the riding scene so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Any guys willing to point me towards a good direction towards a LAMS bike and even better, riding gear would be much loved.

    My brother has already decided on a Kawasaki ER6N-L and will purchase one sometime this year, he still hasn't completely nailed down all his gear yet.

    I, on the other hand, have no set plans as of yet. The only things I'm keeping in mind is that I will first of all have to save up the $5-$6 grand in order to actually start riding (high school graduate means no income as of yet) but I'm getting a vibe that the Suzuki GS500 is a good budget learners bike. As well as this I was contemplating getting a Bell RS-1 due to the full face style and kevlar/fibreglass material used - I value my head and I think $300-$400 sounds about the right price.

    Getting excited about joining this new community of riding and if anybody has any suggestions/advice to a complete novice, I would greatly appreciate it


    (And yes, that was a Dr Nick reference.)
  2. Welcome mate. Its been 10 odd years since I was on restrictions so I cant help much with LAMs advice. As for Helmets, buy the one which fits your shaped head the best and is comfortable. A $100 lid that fits well is gonna protect better than an ill fitting $1200 helmet. The rest of your gear I'd recommend eBay if you're on a tight budget. Can find plenty of great stuff at a fraction of new price. Seeing as you haven't bought a bike yet you've got plenty of time to wait for the real bargains to come up.
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  3. Howdy

    Since I recently went through the whole Lams bike and gear decisions, here's my take

    Buying used is the 'sensible' choice.

    If you are looking for a 'big' small bike to learn on, try looking at a used Kawasaki Er-5, around the $3000 mark. Or go for a CBF250 or VTR250 that will go for under that. Smaller bike but it will get you through your restrictions. This is the sensible choice that will save you money.

    But as we know it life is not always sensible! If you want to buy new, I suppose each one will have his own preference as to style of bike. I love the naked look and the KTM made sense (good pricing, huge demand with no hassles when selling on later). For sports bikes I think the ninja 300 ticks the right boxes. Only concern was the second hand value - many bikes out there for sale. The new Honda 500's launched late last year and old cb400 too expensive for what you get. Used er-6nl also go for more than my KTM and seems expensive.

    As to gear- keep in mind that ALL helmets sold have to pass the same Australian standards test, so in terms of safety they are not that far apart. Only differences comes in construction type that plays part in weight (heavy helmets lead to enormous neck muscles!), wind channeling (a cool helmet inside is cool!), ease of removing visor and then some types just fog up inside no matter what. So my view is buy the most expensive one you can afford. A $500 Bell will make you feel much safer than in a $99 one. And it looks way more cool.
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  4. welcome aboard :) A secondhand bike would be best make a list check it twice its certainly cheaper & that way if you drop it its not so bad :oops: as for the gear same deal try it on & keep an eye out in the discontinued /older stock section of the shop enjoy
  5. Thanks for your contributions guys, already decided to get a secondhand bike as my first since I don't want to be rolling into a ball and crying in a corner if I drop it.