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Hi Everybody

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Aly, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Everybody, just a quick intro from me. My name is Aly and I'm from Melbourne. I crazily got it in my head on the weekend that I might like to ride a motorbike. So I've booked in with Hart to do my learners at the start of September. As a girl who has never so much as sat on a bike, I thought I better join a forum to learn some tips so that I might turn up to the class knowing a little more than "it has two wheels and goes vroom vroom".

  2. Welcome to NR :)
  3. Welcome, have you ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle?
  4. um....no

    I did run over my own leg on a quad bike once though. Does that count?
  5. Hi Aly and welcome. Have you ridden a bicycle? If so some of the skills translate across. Have you driven a manual car? Some of those skills translate.

    I hope you catch the bike bug, most people on here have it badly and we think you have made the right choice. :) By the time you do your HART course Melbourne weather should be improving so there will be more learner rides and after you get a bike get down to Doug and GreyBM's Saturday New Rider skills session. They are a great bunch of people and will make you more than welcome and help you consolidate your skills.
  6. :rofl:

    Oh good, you have a sense of humour. You're going to need it.

    [NOTE to others] I've unbanned myself from talking to chicks
  7. Yes I can ride a bicycle and have always driven a manual car. Autos just feel wrong.

    Thank you for the welcome :) The skills sessions sound like a wonderful idea. I'd really prefer not to die.
  8. Should I be banning you from talking to me though?
  9. haha good plan!

    welcome! :D
  10. That might be for the best hon. You can go to your control panel and edit your ignore list from there. I'll walk you through it if you like :)
  11. You should see if anyone you know has the license to pillion, I think it's a good idea to be pillion on a bike first to see if you like it before thinking about getting your own bike. Then again, some people can't stand to be pillion but love riding.

    You ridden quad bikes much? Some of those skills will translate across.

    Edit: Oh, tips. Stuff that will come up in the HART session where you'll be able to impress everybody by how much you know.

    Look where you want the bike to go.

    When making turns at slow speed, counterbalance to stop the motorcycle from tipping over; that is, put weight on the opposite side to the direction you're turning in.

    Most motorcycles have a thing called a fuel tap which controls the flow of fuel to the motorcycle's fuel system, usually located under the tank on the left side of the motorcycle, with usually either 2 or 3 settings: On, off, and depending on the bike, often prime.

    Stay out of cars' blind spot (between the back of their car and their front mirror).

    Lean to steer the motorcycle.

    Have a read of the stickied (ones at the top of the page) threads here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=57
    Especially robslavv's Noob 10Z threads. Read those and you'll impress everyone with your worldly knowledge, especially being a girl!
  12. No they wont. Don't talk out of your bum Kernel.
  13. #13 Mouth, Aug 9, 2011
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    Yes. Hand controls for one.
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  14. LMFAO.....ok one.

    Any others? Counter steering? Leaning? Braking? Stopping/starting? U-turns? Not falling off?

    ...ok two.
  15. That might be a positive then as the only other time was at Gumbuya park and involved a dam....this whole bike thing hasn't really been well thought out obviously. In my defence, I was a kid both times and can drive now.

    Thanks for the tips Kernel. I dont really know anyone that rides. I certainly wont be buying a bike before I see if I freak out at Hart.
  16. Kernel, do you understand why you dont see many hot chicks riding now?
  17. Welcome to NR Aly, err have you got any gear? If not and you DO intend to get a bike, Aldi have a sale on 11th so get down and spend up, well cheap way of getting some gear anyway. Also theres a sat morn get together down by the beach in Elwood, learner stuff that would be helpful for you, drive down ar get a lift down and have a look, intorduce yourself, nice bunch of people :)
  18. I told ya.
  19. welcome to netrider, aly

    when I was teaching my wife to ride she ran my bike into a tree while we were on a picnic

    he father, who was with us, was not impressed

    learning is far more genteel these days :LOL:
  20. Aldi? Really? I dont even buy my food at Aldi. Is there stuff any good?

    Thank you for the welcome. I know I sound like a complete and utter moron but in a few years you will all be so proud of me. :)