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Hi Everybody from 1tobynet

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 1tobynet, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hi to all my name is Steve and live out north west NSW and have recently got back into bikes after 10yrs of not being on one.
    Recently bought a nice repainted and done up 1992 Suzuki GSX 250 Across feels great to ride again come across this site by accident but am happy I did so registered and there you go

  2. Hi Steve, how goes it? welcome to NR, get yourself to homebush for sat morn prac session and intro yourself to the locals, some good people up there, not quite as nice as you'd find in sunny melb, believe sunny and 28 tomorrow :)
    enjoy and keep smiling :)
  3. G day goddie would love to get there but I am a long way from homebush like 7 hrs unfortunately have work this weekend will keep an eye out for the rides hope to catch up sometime down the road cheers mate
  4. Hi Steve,

    Have you got some good roads up your way? How'dyou go with all that flooding?

    Anyhow, welcome to the forummm
  5. Hi Brmmm

    yep there are some good roads out this way but some bad ones to can be very bumpy and yeah did have some floods but we were protected by our levee bank so at least stayed dry inside talk again Brmm cya