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Hi everybody =D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ebags, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hi there, long time reader first time poster, lol. I have been lurking around here for about 6 months now and have finally decided to join up. :grin:

    I have been riding 19 of my 23 years, mostly dirt obviously. Recently I purchased a Hyosung GT/R 650. . . dont hate me :oops: While she's not as bad as some make out, I cant wait for my full licence and a 'real' bike. :wink:

    Hopefully I'll be able to make it to Spawn's birthday ride & can meet some of you! the ride looks fantastic!!!

    Glad to finally be here,


  2. Welcome Elijah :)

    Don't worry about the Hyosung knockers, they're just jealous :LOL:.
  3. Hi Elijah and welcome to NR

    Don't worry about the Hyo knockers. Lots of Hyo riders have turned into pretty fair mechanics. Also what other bike can you repair with sticky tape and get a repair that's not only cheap but is stronger than the original. :LOL:
  4. I have to hand it to you. . . that was truly funny. Mostly because it was true.

    Na she's alright, 14,500klms and hasn't missed a beat. . . yet.
  5. Welcome.

    Enjoy the hyo mate, it's got two wheels and an engine. That's all you need (as long as it keeps going :LOL: )

  6. welcome mate :)
  7. welcome bud
  8. Thanks for all the welcomes guys! I feel... well, very welcomed :grin:
  9. about time you got here mate :)

  10. Hey! I know you! :grin:

    Glad to be here, there is sooooo much info on here, its great!