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hi every one

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tiny, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. hi, i just joind today at the expo after reading the forum for a while. hope to see every one at the coffee nights. and get to know every one

  2. Welcome to the forums tiny!! :D :D
  3. Welcome, tiny. Don't believe everything you read here, but some of it is actually true.
  4. A tree and a motorbike? In the garage with the door open, right??
    You'll fit right in here, welcome!!!!
  5. welcome to the nuthouse.. :D :D
  6. A great big hello to tiny!
  7. welcome to the boards

    "well you are a big boy, aren't you tiny"
  8. welcome....

    tree and a computer... hmmm...
  9. Here is a BIG HELLO to tiny and welcome.
  10. gday mate
  11. Welcome, your life will forever be changed...lol

  12. and not for the better

    welcome any way
  13. Welcome tiny!

    Tree and a computer eh? Must be time to start branching out! :LOL:
  14. G'day tiny, and welcome to the forums :)

    I hope you really are tiny, cause otherwise I'll be getting another case of shortarse complex :p :p
  15. well if ur 10 foot tall than i will be tiny compaired to you. :)
    but at 6,4 that could be debaited :twisted:
  16. :-s [-( :( Dayam...I'm suffering from a complex again. Where's the number for my psychiatrist? *runs off sobbing*
  17. Dude that's cruel. I'm only 5'10 and even I'm taller than firefling. :shock:

    But then, she is a girl (and a lovely girl at that), so mabye I'm the one who's too short. :shock:

    Nah, I just fit neatly into the world :)
  18. my apoligies firefling :oops:

    how about when we meet and i findout that u are who u are (makes perfect sence to me) i'll walk around on my knees. just for u :D
  19. What do the girls call you? :oops:
  20. Awrite! somebody who knows to get down on their knees when they're around me :D Listen up guys! Learn from him :twisted: :twisted: