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Hi chaps....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by night0wl, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I am new to the forum and relatively new to bike riding. I used to ride about 20 years ago but had an accident and pulled the pin.... Now my mid life crisis has led me back to motorcycles again :)

    Anywhooo, I have been looking for information and people's opinions on wearing chaps but can't find much? I own/operate a music shop and wear jeans mostly and considered getting leather chaps for protection while riding to the shop, then take them off at work... sounds good in theory lol

    Any opinions or suggestions on chaps or other trousers?

  2. Please just google image search 'chaps' are hopefully that will be enough to put you off.

    A much better options is kevlar pants, which come in a variety of styles including some which almost look like work slacks.
  3. haha I see your point regarding the google search LOL Although there IS a couple of nice shots of Christina Aguilera on that first page ;) PLUS, I intend on wearing other jeans under the chaps, unlike some specimens on that google page! LOL and definitely no frilly bits....

    I mainly thought of chaps because obviously I would need multiple pairs of jeans to wear to work during the week but if I use chaps I only need to buy a pair.
  4. There is only one person who I have see get away with chaps…
    And She was HOT!!!
  5. I think there are better alternatives. Textile overtrousers, or a pair of leather jeans a couple of sizes too big so they fit over your denims. No more expensive, no more hassle, a lot more protection (do you really want your arse to be the least protected area?) and a vastly less wanky image/look.
  6. wow they look great!! thanks for the link! :)