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Hi! but what about height and weight?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by aheung, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!

    New here having went to the pre-learner course couple of weeks back. Going to do knowledge test in a couple of weeks time and hopefully get a bike early next year.

    In researching for what first bike to get, I've read many articles on this forum and on the web about how anything under 250cc is not enough even for a learner.

    Do these comments allow for height and weight of the rider? I am only 5"6 and 65kg. I am the typical new rider, getting the first bike to practice, know I will most likely get a new/bigger bike later on, only riding for fun locally on the weekend for now, budget under $2.5k.

    Surely all of that makes the 125-150cc bikes reasonable? We had the CB250 at the pre-learner. Don't think I can handle anything bigger than that at this point. Imagine something smaller will be easier to get hang of riding.

    Interested to hear what you guys think. Will have to get on some bikes to confirm my theory.
  2. I'd avoid less than 125's but honestly a 250 is plenty to learn on. Especially at your size. They may even be preferable in the long term.

    There are plenty of threads on the 250 vs everything else for learners question, do a quick search and enjoy the miriad of oppinions :)
  3. Hi aheung,

    I learned on the CB250 and bought it as my first bike. I'm around your height and weight and found the CB a great bike to learn on - not too big and not too heavy. My mechanic described it as 'bulletproof' which I found reassuring! It got dropped a few times in the early days and always came out of it with only a few scratches.

    I picked up a nice second hand one on ebay for $1800. It's served me well for the last five years.
  4. ise the KISS method, Keep It Simple Silly.. CB250 alot of people would not consider, only cause it is slow and predictable, so a great learning bike!! you WILL enjoy the ride, just like we all do, and each to their own :)
  5. 125-150cc is fine, as long as you dont want to go onto roads with more than an 80kmh limit, and dont mind struggling up hills.

    For your first bike I'd recommend a 250, it limits you alot less. This is coming from a 125 and 1000 owner. If it was just for commuting a 125 would be fine, but if you're looking for fun you need 250 or more imo.

    The cb250 is a reliable bike, but a bit bland. Vtr250, gpx250, zzr250, gsx250 across, etc is within budget.
  6. Agree! I can see a CB250 lasting me AGES! I dropped the bike a couple of times at the pre-leaner course ( I don't know how they let me pass!!!??!!) and the bike was still fine!

    VERY bland indeed but probably best for where I am at right now. ie with budget and skill level.
  7. I think the CB250 is a shorter bike compared to the other 250's mentioned above. Might make a difference to you.
  8. I'm a similar height to you (possibly a couple of cm's taller) and pretty much same weight. I never rode a bike before previously and I got a VTR250, i would definitely recommend one but your budget seems a bit low for one, is it 2.5K now and next year when you get it it will be higher?

    Also If you are in NSW I would hold off getting your actual licence until you get the bike, not much point getting the licence now if you won't be getting a bike until next year, plus this way you get the full 12 months out of it if you need to.
  9. Yeh, I'm in NSW and I've booked the knowledge test already. Will be back in Sydney mid Jan to buy a bike then. Few weeks short of the 12 months should be ok.

    And yes, budget might increase a bit come next year. Will see what's available and if the other 250s "fit" me.
  10. What about cruisers like the Yamaha Virago? Appears to be relatively light and obviously low.
    Are they good for learning on?
    Some older ones out there close to my budget.
  11. cb 2fiddys are bullet proof and great machines. but a bit underpowered. should try and source a decent vtr 2fiddy. given your weight a 2 fiddy would be ideal. but some are more powerful than others and some are lighter than others.
    the advantage most of the larger capacity LAMBS bikes have is they can carry fat people around better. fat people get motorbikes too. a 2fiddy would be no use to a fatty.
    viragos are gay.
  12. Yeah a CB or CBF make great learners, the riding posture is amazingly comfortable. I don't like the seats on CBR's (the 250cc or 125cc) and I found the Kawasaki ZZR to have a huge turning circle compared to the CB or CBF (bet the GPX is the same though I haven't tried it)

    Dont spend too much, under 2k and you should get most of your money back when you sell it on to the next learner :)
  13. The CBF250 seat height is actually higher than a VTR250, also similar weight.
  14. Honda rebel is a really good learner bike. Easy, light and low. Not expensive either. When you get sick of it you can either sell it or chop it and make something awesome :)
  15. what about the intruder, eliminator & aquila?
    same class. any particular difference between them? or just comes down to personal preference?

    been fun looking at ads on-line. so many "leaner" friendly bikes on the market! "perfect for leaners!" must be NZders selling! hahaha!!
  16. I have been on learners for 3 months and have a virago. Great bike for learning, easy and comfortable with smooth power and brakes and nice low seat height and very reliable with good resale. Mine is an xv400 as I wanted a bit of extra power as I weigh more than you. Cheers
  17. all are totally ****ing gay. seriously, how can 2fiddy cc's be expected to drag those heavy lumps of poop along the ground. it just can't. you need at least 1200cc to get a cruiser up to speed and competitive with the traffic around you, like buses or trucks.
    the aquila is not only gay, but also a heap of junk.
    there is something not quite right about a grown man riding a virago.

    you can get some pretty mental machines on LAMBS nowadays. get a 600cc dirt bike and convert it to a super retard or something.
    you don't have to be dragged of at the lights by ****ing school buses on your gay ass virago.

    ****ing bunch of soft cocks, the lot of you.
  18. Hello OP - welcome to NR

    I am spot on 65kg and ~ 174 cm 5"7' in the old money.....
    My learner was a VTR-250 and it kept me happy all the way through my learner period.......it was a heap of fun and exceptionally reliable and cheap to run and maintain.
  19. Bitsar, what was the height like on the VTR for you? both feet flat on the ground? Did you find it heavy? I think it looks great!! love that streetfighter look!
  20. I would not recommend a 125 to anyone. Chance are you are going to want to do 80+ at some point and 125 just don't give you acceleration up your sleeve above 80.

    IMO a safe bike is one that can out accelerate most cars at all legal limits. Some 250s even struggle to do this.