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Hi: Bought A bike Big mistake Maybe

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zero9, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Bought a bike 250cc not ridden for 20 years and then only on the farm.

    Problem, I cant ride this bike. Feel pretty stupid, not sure what to do so will sekk help in the forum.
  2. top up the info bin zero9, what kind of bike? do you have a license? how old are you? why cant you ride this bike? why do you feel stupid? [maybe you should leave stupid alone and concentrate on the bike problem first?]
    Which state are you in? is the bike new?
  3. if in nsw check the links for sat morn prac sessions!!
  4. The bike is new a 250 hyosung. I a a license. I live in Sydney but no way would I be able to go in traffic. I feel pretty dumb because I bought it on impulse.
  5. hey zero9 you posted this same item twice
  6. Just wake up early one day and go to a deserted carpark, practice the basics. There are also a bunch of riding training centres like HART which do courses for returning riders.
  7. I actually posted this in the General discussion, made a blue here with the intros and just general talk.
  8. Honestly buying that bike is not mistake.

    First things first I recommend touching up your skills by going to one of the licensed trainers like HART of StayUpright. In 2 days from my pre-learners I went from 0 motorbike knowledge to having the confidence to ride on my own in traffic. Just do the course, then practice in a quiet street/empty carpark and within weeks you will be enjoying yourself with zero regrets of the purchase.

    Enjoy :)
  9. if you know someone that rides get them to take it to an empty carpark so u can get familiar with it if your nervous in traffic
  10. Call stay upright ,tell them you have a licence but need to start the basics again.
    They do one on one practic for what ever you need or want to practice.
    3 hour course on their bike ,will get you up and going ,cost about $250.

    http://www.stayupright.com.au/practice.htm <<<<<CLICK THIS LINK.

  11. sell it! sometimes the smartest (and safest) thing to do is to admit it's just not you.

    no loss of face in that mate..
  12. Might have to face that. The thing of it is contcted the RTA today and you cant do prelearners if you have a license.

    Might look at some private stuff with somebody like individual one to one or Stay Upright. Otherwise I'm pretty well farked and just have to take the hit when I sell it.
  13. Not relevant, HART / stayupright have courses specifically designed for those who haven't ridden for a long time and are getting back into it. Just do that and maybe an hour or two of private tuition, see how you are after that.
  14. Troll?
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  15. Which part of Sydney are you in ?
  16. OK

    heres my big issue atm. Say coming to the end of a street and have to turn left , go down the gears, that seems fine. Then and heres my problem, 1st is too slow but 2nd I seem to jump and lurch forward.

    So the road speed is too low or the revs ? This is whats confusing and frustrating the crap out of me.

    The other thing is the friction point in 1st, but I will get better. Hill starts are the 3rd point I need to work on because this fricken brain of mine just puts my right leg down automatically.

    Still doing it and not ready just yet to ditch the bike,
  17. Just keep practicing like that mate. Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't downshift into first for a corner. It's not good for the box. Timing is everything. Time it so your revs in second is higher when you turn into the corner and accelerate out then. It's a hard thing to explain without actually seeing it. Best of luck tho. Keep practicing.
  18. Cheers for the encouragement, yeah still trying to crack on and learn even the basic before going to Hart or other.

    So OK keep tthe revs up and not worry so much about the road speed ?

    At this stage just doing quiet street round home am trying to stop at the end of streets before going left. That way I'm starting in 1st and not getting confused. In time that hopefully will change.