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Hi Blokes, I am a 68 year old bike enthusiast, who doesn't know much about computers.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Trevor Jones, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. As I said I don't know much about computers or navigating around web sites like this. What I would like to find out are the road conditions between Orbost and Bombala and I cannot find a simple way to do that.

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  3. Welcome to Netrider, from another over sixty year old
  4. Welcome. Where are you from? What do you ride?
  5. Welcome to the forum
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. That's ok, you can just ask us.
    The Bonang Highway is the most fun way, it's sealed except for about 18km of not-to-difficult dirt in the middle (last time I went through there was roadworks at the Delegate end but they should be finished). The rest is non-stop corners, for over 100km.
    The other way via the Princes Highway (straight and wide) and Monaro Highway (a few sweepers) is faster.
  8. Welcome from a 69 er.
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  9. Thanks titus, I have been told there is only about 3 klicks of dirt, but that was by the Publican at Delegate. The reason I am worried about the dirt is my Daughter ride a Hyosong with clip ons and we were thinking about coming back that way after the GP. thanks to Rennsport as well, like the cap!!
  10. I am from Newcastle and ride a K1100LT
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  12. The Bonang..
    What used to be 7km of dirt as you leave Delegate is now only 2.1km.
    You then get 11km of the nicest sealed (plenty of Hotmix) winding road, this bit is one of my favourites, and then you reach the second lot of dirt which is almost 13km.

    The dirt is all very easy to ride, a little rough in spots if badly corrugated, but certainly very rideable, even for a relative noob. Even when damp or lightly wet, it isn't that bad with the first 2km being a bit softer and more slippery than the last 13km. The second dirt section is heavily compacted and has a fair bit of small aggregate in the dirt which in the wet helps keep tyres on the surface instead of sinking, and it is almost as easy in the wet as in the dry.

    I have ridden it on my K1600GT (320kg), R1150RT, CBR1100XX, 919 & 929 Fireblade, Gixer1000 and never had any issues. I have taken many a learner/provisional rider down there with no issues on the dirt.

    A word of warning, the road primarily exists for the logging trucks to access the forestry areas, and on weekdays they travel up and down the road (the dirt sections here are the concern) using all of it, both sides and with little regard for anything coming the other way. There is also an abundance of 'Roos all over the place, so early morning/ late arvo and at night is only for those with big cojones.

    I reckon I have ridden that road perhaps 30 times, and every time feels as good or better than the last. My mothership, the K1600GT of which your K1100LT was a Grandfather loves it perhaps more than any other bike I have taken there.

    I can crack through there at a very respectable rate of knots on that bike and it's Grandad would love it.
  13. welcome aboard :]