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Hi - Beau from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by JixxerBeau, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Hey there, I thought I should put up an intro post as im new to the site although have met some members on road rides before.

    My name is Beau and Ive been riding road for almost 10 years now, started off on a 89 model zxr250 then after about 4 years upgraded to an 01 gsxr 600. Thats still the bike i ride now on the road and I call her Pinky. I brought her crashed and ended up painting her house of color pink pearl. Beautiful. although after 5 years she really needed a new spray so she has now been redone and looks smashing.

    I also have a little dirty a KX100 which I have only ridden about 4 times and am still learning! As well as an 02 gsxr 600 stunt bike which i picked up from the actions and put back together, heaps of fun :)

    Anyway, I am a big advocate on safe riding and protection and have posted in the QLD rides to see if theres any ladies out there keen to get together with one of the brisbane shops to look at what we need to meet our riding comforts.

    Thank you for accepting me to your forum!

  2. Hi and welcome!

    I thought I saw a pink gixer! Hope to see you again.
  3. Thanks Sooty ! Im always around somewhere ha
  4. pink gixxer would be right at home in the Valley.

    Welcome to NR, may the pinkness keep you happy.

    You need someone like this mob To "Pink Wall" your tyres.

  5. Thank goodness you didn't paint it Mission Brown, is all I can say :roll:

    Welcome to Netrider :LOL:.
  6. Personally I would go for beige :grin:
  7. :rofl:
    Welcome Aboard Beau!