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Hi beam?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I was talking to someone yesterday and he said that when he rode around many moons ago in the UK, he used to flash his lights (lo to hi) going through intersections, overtaking, as often as possible. He also said he used to, wherever possible just ride around with his hi beam on.

    Now, I know during the day that it probably wouldn't disturb too many people, but is that just asking to be sideswiped by some p1ssed off driver, or is it actually a good idea just to ride around with hi beam during the day?
  2. Im tending to ride with it during day now too.. no complaints so far.. maybe its the LOOK I give when Im staring at them mutha %&$$^$& NICE people in their rear view mirrors..
  3. Oh, sorry, I thought you were greeting the High Beam :p
  4. good for you. I get fiercely pissed off at riders and cagers who boot around with their high's on - makes it much harder for me to see where i'm going.

    There are much better ways of making yourself visible to cagers than using high beams - if they don't see the bike, why should the light make a difference?
  5. ...maybe because it'll piss them off? Better to be noticed and annoying than invisible?
  6. matey, i've been on the footpath and watched a cager cream right up the back of a copper on a bike that had the siren and lights going - you think a highbeam is going to make a difference? - You are failing to understand why people get hit and what the driver of the other vehicle is seeing.

    It is better to create movement in their field of vision rather than just up the amps.

    Running around with highs on all the time will just piss off more people who previously didn't care one way or another about whether someone else chooses to ride a bike or not and there is a reason the practise is ILLEGAL.

    You are yet another one of the morons about the place who believes you can break all the rules in pursuit of your own safety instead of doing the same with some smart behaviour and thinking.
  7. look at it thisway - they've already seen you with your lights on, and they still think you're far enough away for them to make the intersection because they can't see a damned thing - boom, you get fcuked up. If they didn't see you already, high beam really isn't going to change that because they ARENT" ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR YOU!. Boom, you get fcuked up again because you haven't understood or read any of the studies about concentration.

    Move around ACROSS their field of vision, use other vehicles as blockers around intersections, use lower powered lights offset to the side to create unusual patterns cagers don't recognise and you are a long way ahead of the 'blind-em' idea.

    Ever tried riding into a sunset - bright highs on cars and bikes have the same effect in enough circumstances to make it a silly idea.
  8. In the UK, flashing your lights also means 'go ahead' to a vehicle turning into your lane. I wouldn't do that myself as it may motivate someone to pull out in front of you.
  9. It's also illegal to operate a vehicle with the light undipped within 200m of another vehicle.
  10. yo dude... wasn't trying to start a sh!t fight here. I didn't say I ride around with my high beams on, I don't.
    Chill out with the jumping to conclusions.
  11. perhaps it has something to do with your attitude presented here!

    Yes you are replying to possibles from the OP, but still not a great voice of wisdom.
  12. fair enough.
  13. So why does my bike have a "pass" high beam pulse switch if it's illegal to use?
  14. did you read the bit about flashing to let people know it's ok to pass? That's is what it is for - leaving high beam on within 200m of another vehicle is not ok.
  15. This is why I ride a light-coloured bike. Yellow is highly visible, better even than a light, IMO.

    I've tuned out white because the vast majority of cars are white, but yellow is very visible. Silver is the same.

    If you want to be truly visible, get yourself a brightly coloured bike. It covers the whole bike, is not illegal, and some bikes look great in them.
  16. In all fairness, the effect of highbeams will differ from bike to bike. Thus, legal issues to the side for the moment, if your bike is more noticeable without being hazardously so with its highbeams on (like mine is), then I say go for it. It's not just the brightness, it's aim of the things.

    With lowbeam on (even with bright white globes) drivers eyes are too high to see my light in the daytime, when its on HB, it can be seen but is not blinding at all (have tested this with a mate in his car). And I notive that I am seen more with it on and rarely get any agro over it.
  17. My bike's blue :p

    And guys, it was just a question .. someone mentioned that's what they used to do and it seemed like it was a bit like it would just annoy people (high beam during the *daytime* not *night time*) but I thought I'd just ask in case anyone else DID do it and/or thought it wouldn't actually just p1ss people off :)

    No need to get too stressed about it ;)
  18. :tantrum:

    Stressed? I work in IT, of course I'm stressed, I deal with "technotards" all day... ](*,)

  19. Word. :)