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Hi. (Another) new to the forum...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Taily, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Quick hello. Have been lurking for a little while and decided to register.

    Long story short: Used to own an RGV250 (first bike), then a Blue VFR750 and later a GSX-R1100 in the late 80's. Took fathers advice (ultimatum) back then after (once too often) proving I wasn't an invincible 19 year old and had to forego the bikes to keep the peace while living under my father's roof back then. :wink:

    Fast forward to this day and age: Sister in law wanted some help to choose and purchase a first bike. She has (graciously) parked her brand spankin' new GS500F in my shed here in the area north of Newcastle as her father is none the wiser (sounds like history repeating perhaps?) while she comes to terms with being a new rider (hey with so many years between "drinks" for me I may as well call myself a noobie again).

    Made the fatal mistake late last year of accepting a friends invitation to borrow his TL1000R for a week or so.... The flame has been relit.... :grin: :twisted: :grin:

    Taily (aka Dave).
  2. :newb: :beer:

    Welcome :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. Welcome...

    Haha, your scenario sounds all too familiar.
  4. Welcome Dave! There's no denying the bike :wink:
    So are you riding now or still at the planning stage? :grin:
  5. hi taily. another from newi. hope to see you on a ride soon.
  6. Hello!!!

    Hehe, somehow, both my parents are glad I got a bike. My dad thinks it's awesome, and my mum is a little "hmmm" but fine with it. She's just jealous, I think :p
  7. G'day mate and welcome.

    Do they still hold the great Medowie ride on lawn mower races :cool: .
  8. Welcome mate! from one newbie to another :)
  9. Thank you everyone for your words of welcome. :)

    It is true there is no denying a bike. Still in the "I'm looking for just the right bike at just the right price" stage of riding again, however do have (limited I guess) access to said new Suzi sitting in the garage, so all is not lost. When I see it I'll know, but at the moment either a good size Twin or a litre class 4cyl. Guess we'll have to see what comes along bike-wise, but we'll be out on the road more and more now the weather has warmed up.

    Had to put "bikes" on hold for quite a while moving around the country (seemed like every 18 months or so) for work over the past 6 years, but seems like we'll be here (Medowie) for a more permanent stay this time.

    Lawnmower races? Dunno Sledders. Well if they no longer hold them then there isn't any reason we couldn't go and crank them up again and uphold the tradition again is there? Plenty of room and beer up here for that sort of thing.... :twisted: :twisted:

    Also forgot about my very first bike in my first post. T'was a YZ100 that we used to tear-rrrs up and down the open hills of Crestwood estate (Baulkham Hills/Kellyville area). Last time I had a good look through there it was wall to wall houses (and I guess had been for 20 years)... How times change.