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Hi, Another Melb Westie and IT guy.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GR8N1K, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    I thought I'd better introduce myself upon joining. Firstly thank you for being so informative. I’m hoping to contribute when time permits.

    I’m still learning. I’m in my mid-40s so this is a late take up for me. My wife and kids calls it my second mid-life crisis. I’ve already spent heaps of money and time competing in 4wd events, so maybe their right about this being another toy in the garage. In practise though, I have found commuting between Caroline Springs and the City to be relatively economical; especially when I have to add trips to the Eastern Suburbs for club meetings and evening courses. I like the idea of not having to pay for parking and not being stuck with hundreds of other passengers in a packed train. I’ve also found that I have a much more motivated frame of mind when I get to work and I’m not so cranky when I get home. Regardless of near misses during my commute; it’s still a fun way to travel.

    I passed my Learners in July last year and purchased a 2nd hand K9 GS500F. I picked up the Suzuki at a good price and at close to new condition, with only 250km on the clock. I did drop it a few times; which was inevitable for a learner like me. I spent several nights after work practicing turns and stops/starts at a nearby carpark and on a quiet weekend I rode my planned route for my commute. When I started commuting; I stayed in the lane and I didn’t even dare to try filtering and splitting until I gained more competency. Within a couple of days of commuting I did have a go at riding between moving cagers along the Westgate fwy I was slow at first, but over days and weeks I eventually gained enough confidence and speed so that other bikers didn’t have to go around me. Sorry if you’re one of the bikers that I held up in traffic.

    By late October last year; I passed my license test and upgraded the bike to a new LAMS SV650S. I did like the idea of riding a V-twin with good low end torque and a sportier ride. The EFI was a bonus and the free on-road special was too hard to pass,. To be honest, I found the SV650S easier to ride than the GS500F. I thought I’d struggle with it because of my short in-seam. Even though the SV650S had a taller seat; it was narrow and I found it easier to put my foot down. I also found the SV650S more stable during cross winds; which is quite common along the Deer Park bypass.

    The unfortunate news about the SV650S is that I lost it in an electrical fire in the garage. Insure My Ride wrote it off and gave me a cheque for the insured value. At that time; I had 2 months remaining on my restricted license. It made more sense to buy a full powered bike as a replacement.

    So here I am, with a new Ninja 1000 (in 2012 colour) that I bought a few weeks ago. All I can do is drool over it because I can’t legally ride it for another 2 weeks. Aaaargh..two more weeks. :nopity:
  2. Welcome to the nuthouse disguised as NR :D
  3. Come to Saturday morning practice with Doug and Dave. :)
  4. Hey Hello - I went to my first Saturday morning practice and it was fantastic. So looking forward to go again - see you there. :D
  5. Thanks. I'd like to have a go at the Saturday morning practice, but I'll do that once I'm past my restriction date. I'd hate to meet up with Murphy with only 2 weeks to go.
  6. welcome to NR, and yes, do the right thing, alot of guys take risks like riding bikes that they shouldnt be and get away with it, but you might be the one poor bugger that'll cop it !! patience :)
  7. Welcome Nik, we need another riding IT guy on Netrider, there's not enough of them :LOL:
  8. welcome aboard the crazy train
  9. Hello there and welcome :)
  10. Thanks for all your welcome message. Nice days like these make it difficult to leave the bike at home. 11 more sleeps and I'll be commuting again. Now...I better book in that Intermediate or Advanced Course with HART to keep my training up to date.