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Hi and Thanks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZX7R, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. A quick hi to everyone and thanks to the guys from Netrider for making themselves known and me welcome today on the BMW clubs Icicle ride rerun.

    Apparently I hadn't registered for the forums before today so I picked a username to go with my noisy green thing...

    I had a good day. Thanks!

  2. Welcome to the madness Dan
  3. welcome , thats a mighty nice green machine!
  4. Welcome, and pardon my geographical ignorance, but where the heck is Meadow Heights :LOL:???
  5. Good! You took our advice and posted. Now we can all slag you.

    Welcome to posting, Dan And good to meet you on the ride.
  6. Victoria
  7. welcome.

    and thankyou, oh knowledgable one, with your freakin freaky head :grin:
  8. Sandwiched between Broadmeadows and Roxburgh Park in the Northern Suburbs of Melb.

    Its a hole... but one I could afford a piece of!