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Hi....and thanks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Meags, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I'm a new rider slowly making the transition from four wheels to two. I've found some fabulous info on this site and thought it was about time to say thanks.

    I'll make a concerted effort not to ask too many stupid questions.................Cheers and thanks.
  2. Welcome to NR Meags, what bike do you ride?
  3. Thanks Ned. I've got a KLX250, but it's only set up for the dirt and I'm really keen to get on the road so I'm looking for something to start on. I still have no idea even after a month of research so I think I may have to just bite the bullet and buy something (anything) just to get that start.
  4. welcome to NR, ride to sunny melb one morn for sat prac session lol all are welcome :)
  5. You know I've thought seriously about the Melb sessions (pity about the distance) - I really wish we had something like that out this way. I'm going to book into some defensive rider training......I need it :grin:
  6. Where in Gippsland are you Meags - if you don't mind me asking? Don't say if you'd prefer not to.
  7. I'm in the Latrobe Valley area Greydog.
  8. Hi & welcome Meags.
    No such thing as a "stupid question" only stupid answers!!!
  9. you should ask the stupid questions. you will get the correct answer after we get to make fun of you. fair trade.
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