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Hi, and advice needed

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by glovers, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Great to be a part of this fantastic site. Old rider from NZ 15 years ago. easier to get new licence in Aust. Ok with the LAMS concept, but really trying to narrow the list to one bike i can purchase next week any help or preference would be very much appreciated.

    2013 CBR500R
    2013 Ninja 650l
    2012 (i think is the latest) GSX650F

    I will be commuting in peak traffic daily for approx an hour, at the moment i like the Suzuki, i had a look look at all of them today and the Suzuki size was great! (not have tested any yet)

    Again thanks for any input
  2. Welcome.

    I would recommend a well looked after second hand 2013 Ninja 650L ;-)

    I might even know where you could get one.
  3. U can't go wrong with any of those mate. Maybe thinking of the ninja 650l . I like the look of them plus u can de restrict them when you get your full licence (or while your still on your p's ;-) )
  4. Hello and welcome, they're all good machines, try them and buy your favourite.
  5. Welcome !
  6. welcome to NR, sit on them all, see what feels comfortable for you, do you want a more upright ride position? if yes, the ninja over the suzi, I can comment on the cb500r, but sit on all, see what you think, a well kept ninja is on sale as above mentioned. but again, you sit, you choose, its your cash!!