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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sass, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. I thought I had better introduce myself after having joined netrider some weeks ago now. What fantastic information source net rider is.

    My BF told me in September that he had booked me into to do my learners, much to my surprise. I have never had any inclination to ride a motor bike. If anything was anti bikes, as some friends had been killed on them(many years ago now.) But my BF was really excited about himself getting back on a bike and really wanted me to join him and hopefully discover that buzz that he so obviously got out of it. So I thought why the hell not. You only live once, the least I can do is have a go.

    So thankfully I passed my learners about a month ago and then had the impossible task of getting a bike. I really loved the Honda VTR, but the seat height to high and the price a bit to much for someone not even sure they will like riding. I ended up getting a cheap Honda CB250, which I picked up last week. I had a ride around a carpark for about 20 minutes and the bike died. Now back at the shop getting looked at. Anyway, I hope to join the learners bike rides very soon, and get a real feel for what riding a bike is all about.


  2. welcome to Netider Sarah.

    Ride safe once you get your bike back & should see you on one of the learner nights
  3. Hi Sarah

    Welcome to Netrider and welcome to riding.

    Take your time learning adn just ride at your own pace and should be fine.

    Stay safe.

  4. Hi Sarah and welcome.

    Just take it easy and don't do anything more than you feel comfortable doing.

    Car parks and quiet back streets are a good place to practice.

    It won't be long till your hooked and your soul will be ours. :LOL:
  5. Welcome Aboard Sarah !!!
  6. Welcome Sarah. I just got my L's three weeks ago. I booked my wife in to get her's without her knowing too. Unfortunately, she made me ring up and get a refund. :( Oh well. I'll keep chipping away at her.
  7. Welcome

    I'd love my wife to get into riding, but the best I can hope for is to get her on as a pillion when I'm able and try and get her into it that way
  8. Thanks

    Thanks guys for your warm welcomes and advise.

    loulou72 - Thanks I will take it easy. I noticed we are born on the same day, year apart Late Happy birthday to you.

    Aus-ESP I look forward to meeting you and other newbies on the Learner rides, soon I hope.

    Dane75 and Pug, I hope your partners one day may change their minds. ( It is a hard decision to make though if it is not something you have had a desire to try.) Good luck and keep chipping.

  9. hi and welcome sarah
  10. Welcome!

    I wish I could get my husband to ride!!!!!
  11. It has been awhile since my last post. I have since been riding around a fair bit on the CB250 and feel a lot more confident. I have now bought another bike a GPX250, which will be a bit better for more open road riding (I think!! ) I hope to be doing this when the good weather starts being a bit more frequent.

    Merry Christmas to you all :grin:
  12. Sarah,

    The GPX250 is a good choice. It was my first bike. Keep at it and progress at your own pace. NR forums have heaps of advice and offer plenty of encouragement. Eventually you'll step out of your comfort zone a little way which we all must do and don't be afraid to ask questions.

    Keep the paint up and the rubber down (statement borrowed from elsewhere).

    Merry Christmas, HNY and safe riding always :!:

  13. And remember sass, the Tuesday L's ride may help lots with advice and tips.

    Hope to see you out there soon!

  14. Thanks Nzebra and Filter for you tips.

    The NR foums have been fantastic learning tool for me. I have attended one learner ride and I hope to do so again this Tuesday.

    I am trying really hard to "Keep the paint up and the rubber down" I have had a few close calls on the GPX cause it is a wee bit to tall for me, so I have had the occasional near drop when riding the bike in a stop start stop start fashion, think I am hitting the front brake a bit to hard and losing my balance, so with all the might of the top of my foot I am managing to get the bike back up before it hits the deck.

    I really want to get this right, so went to the best carpark around me yesterday to practice and within 30 min a security guard turned up and said you have to go cause a local resident has complained. Sucks big time, so at a bit of a lose as to where to do my practicing now.
  15. Sarah,

    Practising hmmm ... how about an industrial area on a Sunday that might offer a quiet place to do your practising?

    About nearly dropping your bike, a couple of thoughts ...

    1. Try a little back brake to stabilise your bike (emphasis on little) whilst applying the front brake.

    2. My guess is you are "looking down". If you look down, i.e. at your speedo, front wheel, hands you WILL drop your bike. Trust yourself, you know where all the parts are (clutch, front brake, rear brake, indicators etc) so there's no need to look down. Believe me we have all done this.

    3. A suggestion, talk to yourself (out loud if you want to because no one can hear you!) along the lines when you know you need to come to a stop at lights for instance ... "change down, a little back brake, a little front brake gradually applying more front brake, change down". Talk to your peers about this when you go to the Ls nights I'm sure they'd be happy to help you.

    4. Get a mentor who'd be happy to ride with you a few times. Pretty sure if you asked someone would be willing to help a fellow rider iron out a few wrinkles. If I was closer I certainly would.

    I'm not an expert by any means but trust the above may help. Would like to know how you're progressing.

  16. Di. Thanks for your post, very helpful advise. (':)')

    I ended up calling the council about the car park I had been practicing in, they said as long as my bike was registered I was allowed to practice there and as long as it was not before 6 am or after 11pm.(as if I would be) So if I get told off again I will tell security to P off nicely of course.

    I am not so much having trouble stopping per say, it is when I have stopped and then may only move a bike length or so and have to stop again that I seem to be struggling. (More stop start stop start when moving a meter or two at a time) This is when I seem to loose my balance and nearly the bike. Do you have any insight it to what I may be doing wrong in these instances? or tips?

  17. If this feeling is only when the bike is only just rolling you maybe using too much front brake. In most circumstances, you do use more front brake than rear, but if you are just rollng then as you brake just as the bike stops you could also be causing the front forks to dive a little. Then just as you stop they rebound which can upset your balance.

    Things get even more interesting if you hit the front brakes with the bars turned while you are rolling slowly. It usually causes the classic low speed drop. So if you are going really slow and have a slight wobble you could be hitting the brakes with the bars turned as well. If you are just rolling slowly in stop start traffic its OK to use a bit more rear brake a bit less front. Or if braking normally then ease off the front just as you come to a stop.

    Remember this is just for low speed rollingin stop start traffic, any time you need to brake hard the front brake does most of the work.

    If it happens independently of braking it may simply be low speed wobbles. Bikes feel lots heavier and unstable when they are only going slowly. If so it's probably just a matter of practice. Get into the car park and try rolling the bike as slowly and maybe stopping and starting every 10 -20 metres or so until it feels comfortable doing it.
  18. GreyBM, yep you are right. Thats exactly what I am doing. I will practice as you advised. Thank you very much.(':)')
  19. hey chick!

    hope you went along tonight and it was a good one!

    i went for a masssive ride on sunday and my wrists are killing me, was going to come down tonight but just dont think id last the night...

    heres my mob if you ever wanna go for a ride! 0405989560