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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by oz_mick, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Just joined and wanted to say hi.

    A bit about me I started riding bikes when I was a teenager in the um 70's. Finally got my full licence in the 80's. Rode in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. Then got married and thats when the riding stopped.

    So after a 22 year absence and an ex-wife I have got back into riding in a big way. This year I bought a Yamaha XT250 trail bike and a mint 1986 Yamaha Virago XV 750 (my new love). Next year an adventure bike or a touring bike LOL maybe both.

    I really want to get into the group rides so when my schedule with my four kids allows I hope to meet you all on one of the rides. I am fairly quiet to start but once I get to know you I get a bit noisier.

    If you see a two tone blue virago with rider all in black puttering arround the streets of Dipswich QLD then toot n wave coz thats me.

    Anyway I have waffled enough, so Hi to all
  2. Welcome to netrider :)
  3. G'day and welcome.
  4. Welcome Aboard !

    That's when the fun stops for quite a few of us :oops:
  5. Welcome to NR. Plenty of folk on here have a similar story to tell re coming back to riding after a break!

    BTW....Know Ipswich well. Worked for Aust Hboards a few years ago. :)
  6. Welcome Mick,
    Get in amongst it mate and enjoy
  7. Thanks for the comments and the welcome :)

    Oh I am getting amongst it, most days after work I go for a ride arround the streets to a place called "nowhere in particular".

    I look for any excuse to go for a ride. Tonight went for a nightride with my neighbour.
  8. Well they do say that the first 25years are the hardest.
    Guess you wont be finding out for a while.

    Marridge is an institution,(and who wants to live in an institutiion)?

    PS I am married 9 years.

    I fell ya dawg!! LOL

    Anyhoo welcome!!

    All the best

  9. :shock: Your right,,,,, but stupidly I would do it all again for the right woman :?

    I guess min requirements would be must have own bike

  10. HI and welcome, I just joined NR too.
    My Ex-husband wouldn't let me have a bike... but I picked the right one 2nd time around and no.2 hubby is on his L's riding with me! :LOL:

  11. Yup I need to find someone like this too !!!!!!!

    errr but a wifey not a husband

    Thanks for the welcome all