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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lorrie, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hi to everyone. Just joined (thought I'd do the right thing, and introduce myself). I am an extreme newbie. My father came off and ended up in hospital when I was pretty young, and so us kids were always told we would never ride. Anyway, got to my mid 20's, and decided that it looked like too much fun, and so decided to do it anyway.

    Have myself a little old CB250, and thought it might be interesting listening to other opinions on here. Probably won't be here too much, don't have my own internet access, but hope to stick my head in from time to time.
  2. Welcome :)

    Don't do what your dad did, ok?
  3. Thanks. Don't aim to (but then - who does?) :)
  4. welcome :p
  5. hi and welcome to NR
  6. Hey lorrie,

    How funny......my father too came off his bike a long time ago and he would never approve of me buying a bike.

    Well I'm 35 now, married with 2 kids in school so not much he can say now...ha! :LOL:

    Go for my L's next month.

    Welcome mate
  7. [​IMG] Welcome to NR :cool:
  8. Thanks everyone
  9. welcome lorrie - lucky we don't always avoid activities where others have had a not good experience - we would never get out of bed in the morning!! ( don't most people die in bed anyway ?? )

    have fun - Rick